How many papers? Week of 5/11/14

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The week of 5/11/14, we’re expecting: One Red Plum, one SmartSource, and a little mid-month surprise P&G insert — plus a regional one page P&G flyer. See the full list at Coupon Previews.

  • Use this as a general guide, because coupons and values vary regionally. This means that sometimes our papers will not include one or more of the coupons listed, or that one area will get one $ amount on their coupons, we will get another.
  • In Chicagoland, the Chicago Tribune has the most coupons in it — even if the Sun-Times, or the DuPage Daily Herald, or the other smaller papers have the same inserts, they’re thinner. (Occasionally, the Sun-Times will contain a coupon not found in the Trib, but it’s rare.) If you are outside Chicagoland, you will want to pick up the largest-circulation paper in your area.

So, what looks good to me?

  • Febreze $2/2 products
  • Gain $.25/1 dishwashing liquid
  • Herbal Essences $3/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products
  • $1.00/1 all detergent
  • Aveeno $2.00/1 and $3.00/1 sun care product. If you pick up your papers on Saturday, use at Target with the $5.00/2 beauty coupon + gift card + checkout 51 deal.
  • Silk $1/1 half gallon (6/15)
  • Olay Buy pro-x cleansing system or regenerist facial moisturizer, get facial cleanser free up to $10 (5/25)
  • Blue Diamond $1.50/1 4oz+ fruit flavored or coffee almonds (7/11). Mmm. Coffee almonds.
  • Bull’s Eye $1/2 bbq sauce 17.5oz+ (7/6)
  • Hormel $.50/1 natural choice deli sandwich meat or chicken strips (7/7)
  • Hormel $1/2 pepperoni products (7/7). Use at Dollar Tree for $.50 pepperoni.
  • Kraft/Cracker Barrel $1/2 natural cheese slices (6/11)
  • Kraft/Miracle Whip $.75/1 kraft mayo or miracle whip dressing 22oz+ (6/10)
  • La Victoria $1/2 products 12oz+ (7/6)
  • Purina ONE $5/2 15lb+ dry dog food TARGET COUPON (6/21) and Purina ONE $5/2 7lb+ dry cat food TARGET COUPON (6/21). Stack with manufacturer coupons and hope they have a gift card deal soon!
  • Vlasic $.50/1 pickles, peppers or relish (7/31)

So, how many?

I’m getting four. Yourself?

Not getting inserts in your paper? Or getting smaller inserts?

The Tribune is no longer including inserts in some papers, the further you get from the city — and sometimes people in Chicago and the southern burbs are also missing one or both inserts in both delivered and purchased papers. This decision is made by the inserts — they’ll decide not to distribute in certain ZIP codes, or only to distribute a certain number in given areas, so not all papers have them. If you’re in a smaller city or rural area, your inserts may also be smaller.

  1. If you’re looking for whole inserts, try Insert Insanity.
  2. For individual coupons, try their sister site, Wiz Clipz. Order by noon Eastern Time and they will ship the same day, seven days a week.  Order after noon Eastern Time, they will ship the following day.
  3. Klip2Save — No minimums, no fees, same day shipping, and coupons often available as early as the Wed. before they appear in the Sunday paper.
  4. Coupons & Things by Dede. Dede also has a loyalty program where you earn points for each order, and then can redeem those points towards $ off later orders. She ships fast.
  5. WeClipUSave — some cheaper than Dede, and often more stock. They also have whole inserts available.
  6. Also check out the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Group on Facebook!

These are also good places to check out if you just want a lot of a single coupon. It can be more cost effective than buying multiple papers.

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  1. Tina says

    I have a question about the Tribune.. Someone emailed me and shared that my daughter’s face and my back was in the trib on May 7th I think regarding district 25 art show at the AH library. Since I missed it, I was wondering if anyone still has it and if I could buy it from them as a keepsake for my daughter’s scrapbook. Any thoughts? I know, probably the most unusual request you have had.. Lol. :) Thanks in advance for any help.

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