How many papers? Week of 1/12/14

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The week of 1/12/14, we’re expecting: One SmartSource, one Red Plum.

  • See the full list of what’s supposed to be included at Sunday Coupon Preview.
  • See the bottom of this post for a list of clipping services to find additional coupons.
  • Use this as a general guide, because coupons and values vary regionally. This means that sometimes our papers will not include one or more of the coupons listed, or that one area will get one $ amount on their coupons, we will get another.

In Chicagoland, the Chicago Tribune has the most coupons in it — even if the Sun-Times, or the DuPage Daily Herald, or the other smaller papers have the same inserts, they’re thinner. (Occasionally, the Sun-Times will contain a coupon not found in the Trib, but it’s rare.) If you are outside Chicagoland, you will want to pick up the largest-circulation paper in your area.

So, what looks good to me?

  • Garnier Fructis $2/1 shampoo or conditioner ets (2/22) ETS. Garnier Fructis $2/1 styler product (3/8) ETS. Garnier Fructis $2/1 treatment (2/22) ETS. We usually only get $1.00/1, so this should make for good deals if we get this value.
  • Old Spice $1/1 anti-perspirant or deodorant (2/28) ETS.
  • Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations excludes .5oz and trial (2/28).
  • Almond Accents $.50/1 3.5oz+ package (3/12).
  • Bird’s Eye $1/1 recipe ready frozen vegetables (3/9). Last time, this made some of them free at Walmart.
  • Cheerios $.75/1 multi grain, multi grain peanut butter or multi grain dark chocolate crunch (2/22).
  • Claussen $.55/1 pickles jar (3/9). These are $1.99 on the instant savings Kraft deal wyb 8 mix/match items at Meijer this week.
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group $.75/1 2-liter of 7up Ten, A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten, RC Ten or Sunkist Ten soda (2/28).
  • Gevalia $1.50/1 12oz coffee (2/8).
  • Jell-O $1/2 refrigerated snacks (2/9). 4 packs are $1.19 on the instant savings buy 8 deal at Meijer this week.
  • Ken’s $1/1 16oz dressing (2/28). This sometimes goes on sale $1.00-$1.50.
  • La Victoria $1/2 products 12oz+ (3/2).
  • Motts’ $.55/1 snack & go pouch 4pk, snack & go pouch 12pk, 6pk cups single-serve applesauce or 6pk cups medleys snack (3/9).
  • Oscar Meyer $1/1 carving board meats (3/9) and Oscar Meyer $1/2 deli fresh lunch meat (3/9). Well sure, because I already printed some of these, lol. Deli Fresh is $1.99 on the instant savings deal at Meijer.
  • Purell $1/1 8oz+ advanced hand sanitizer (3/9). Stack with the $1.00/1 Walgreens coupon in their monthly booklet.
  • Scott $1/2 1000 tissue 8pk+ or 1 16pk+ (2/22) and Scott $1/6+ towels rolls (2/22).
  • South Beach Diet $1/1 snack bars (2/28).
  • Triaminic $5/2 products (1/19).
  • Viva $1/1 6pk+ paper towels (2/23).
  • Windex B1G1 free touch-up cleaner up to $3.99 (2/22) and Windex $1/2 products (2/23). If you get your papers on Saturday the Windex deal at Walgreens will still be going.

So how many?

For our family, I’m thinking four.

Not getting inserts in your paper?

The Tribune is no longer including inserts in some papers, the further you get from the city — and sometimes people in Chicago and the southern burbs are also missing one or both inserts in both delivered and purchased papers. This decision is made by the inserts — they’ll decide not to distribute in certain ZIP codes, or only to distribute a certain number in given areas, so not all papers have them.

Here are a few places you can get clipped coupons and/or whole inserts, if the Trib isn’t working for you:

  1. Klip2Save — No minimums, no fees, same day shipping, and coupons often available as early as the Wed. before they appear in the Sunday paper.
  2. Coupons & Things by Dede. Dede also has a loyalty program where you earn points for each order, and then can redeem those points towards $ off later orders. She ships fast.
  3. WeClipUSave — some cheaper than Dede, and often more stock. They also have whole inserts available.
  4. Also check out the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Group on Facebook!

These are also good places to try if you just want a lot of a single coupon. It can be more cost effective than buying multiple papers.

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  1. says

    For the first time in months, the SS was in today’s Sun-Times. A few things I noticed: we also got a Viva coupon Target coupon exp. 3/12 for a new type called “Vantage” which seems to be in the same category as the Bounty Duratowel; we got another $1/2 NY Style chips; we got $.75/1 McCormick Perfect Pinch. Nice to see the Ken’s coupon again, although chances of it coming up free are less now with one store out of the mix :(.

  2. Victoria says

    the early edition at the dollar store and Menards sell will they have those coupons and them on Saturday night

    • says

      I don’t know. I believe people in WI were saying their Dollar Tree did NOT sell early edition papers with coupons, but it was quite a while back.

      • Victoria says

        I was wondering about here in Chicago at the Menards or Dollar Tree of my mom can get the newspapers on Saturday but on Sunday she’s driving up to Wisconsin herself.

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