Lots of cheap Bailey’s — and coffee — mashup

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OK! Check this out — you can get six or eight bottles of Bailey’s really cheap after discount, coupons, and rebate. Eight is your better bet, but I’ll outline both in case you can’t drink eight, lol. (This would make an excellent holiday gift though!)

  1. Wander around your local liquor department and look for hangtags for a mail-in rebate from The Bar. Picture here of what you are looking for on CW (thanks, Cookiemom!) or on deranged.me here (thanks, Chris). This is for $15 back on 3 bottles, $35 back on six bottles, or $50 back on 8 bottles of participating spirits 750ml+,  including Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  2. At Jewel starting 12/15, Bailey’s is $13.49 a bottle when you buy six or more, after the 10% discount.
  3. Buy six for $80.94.
  4. Use three $5.00/2 from the 12/11 RP = $65.94.
  5. Send in for the $35 rebate for net $30.94 for six bottles.
  6. Also check on Bailey’s for coupons for $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s, or there is the same $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s found in the Bring the Party Home Jewel booklet, in or near the liquor department.
  7. You can use this coupon on the Wild Harvest or Java Delight coffee that is $5.49 each on the buy 10 save $5.00 instantly mix/match sale, to get six of them for $2.49 each, or on the $7.99 maxwell house to get it for $4.99 (but that is limit 1).

If you want eight, you should still get the 10% discount on every bottle after six. So…

  1. Buy eight bottles for $107.92.
  2. Use four $5.00/2 coupons = $87.92.
  3. Send in for the $50 rebate = net $37.92 for eight bottles! That’s just $4.74 a bottle — well, that and the liquor tax, but what are you gonna do.
  4. While you’re at it, also buy eight bags of the Wild Harvest or Java Delight coffee that is $5.49 each on the buy 10 save $5.00 instantly mix/match sale, and use the $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s to get eight of them for $2.49 each, or on the $7.99 maxwell house to get it for $4.99 (but that is limit 1).

So the eight bottles is your best bet! Enjoy :)

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  1. Silviavm says

    I paid a littl more for my baileys but I ended up buying this last week because I prefer folgers and jewel did not stick to the limit one so that was great!

    Anywho, I wanted to add that you can buy the gift set baileys which contains the two nice beverage cups and the Irish cream flavored liquor. Makes for an even greater deal, as well as a great gift for someone.

    Also, I had a $9/$90 so my coffee alone made for approx $47.00 (I bought six) so I just added other things like the free items from the win big game, some produce that I had store qs for and basically got my grocery total up to $90 ( which I recommend you ring up your groceries first so that your cashier sees you reached the x/xx total to be able to use the store q) and reduced my oop and made this deal great for me!! I mean for the people I’m gifting them to along with some for my daily coffee. :-b !!! Enjoy

  2. Karen says

    I have to find someone to split the Bailey’s with. I love it, but I don’t think I have purchased 6 bottles in my entire 40 years of life! This is a wonderful deal.

  3. Cindy says

    I am without a car right now. Has someone come across the rebate form that they can save me? I’m afraid I will be scrambling once I can get to the store.

  4. says

    8 bottles of Bailey’s! My kind of deal! I’m trying to score some cheap Bailey’s but we don’t seem to have the $50 rebate in our area… :(

  5. Becky says

    where are the $3 baileys/coffee coupons in the party booklet?!? I NEED this deal, but cannot find the coffee coupons in those books! Am I missing something?!?

    • Coupon Cutie says

      It’s in the “Bring The Party Home booklet, Perfect Pairings for your Holiday Meal: orange edition.
      It has three women and a man on it sipping wine. It looks like it was the Thanksgiving edition. HTH

        • says

          They’re still out in stores — I just saw them at the Villa Park Jewel today in the same stand by the door with the winter feast booklet — so see if your store still has them.

        • Stephanie F. says

          I have 5 of the save $3 on coffee – 4 from the Jewel book and one from a hang tag. I don’t know how to have you contact me w/o posting my email to the world…but I have them if you want them!

  6. Kimberly says

    Are the $5 off 2 manuf coupons available online or somewhere? You aren’t able to still get copies of the newspaper, right?

  7. Cindy says

    The rebate forms were on the Capt Morgan bottles at my Osco. They are small and on a rubberband so don’t look for a pad of them in the store.
    My Osco liquor manager pushed thru an additional 10% off of 6 of the 8 bottles I bought because they have a special promotion that according to her should be on top of the sale price when you buy 6 bottles. I didn’t argue at $1.50 coming off 6 more times.

    I am mailing my rebate now. Last year it did come back pretty fast.

  8. Stephanie F. says

    Does Ulta price match? Just wondering if we could use the expired 11/13 RP coupons and the expired Bailey’s coupons from the older Jewel book to get this deal at Ulta?

  9. vianney says

    does anyone know where the rebate for the buy 3 bottles save $15 can be found? I cant find my rebate form please help

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