Look for rebates on Beringer


Sorry for all the teeny posts in a row! The kids are being so noisy that I can only hold one thing in my head at a time, I think. Anyway, while I was at CVS today, there was an endcap of Beringer wine. Hanging on the wine were these rebate forms of randomness: $3.00 mail-in rebate on cosmetics, sunglasses, or roses, no wine purchase required. So, I grabbed one and am mailing it in with the receipt for my free-after-coupon clearance Rimmel today, which will net another $2.50 after stamp/envelope. If you walk by Beringer, check for tags.

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  1. missb says

    Speaking of Beringer…there was a rebate for beef, if you bought two bottles of any Beringer or Chateau St. Jean wine and $20.05 in beef. The rebate was $20.00 for the beef, and I’m pretty sure this was in the inserts…two weeks ago? Anyway, I paired it with the $3 off any $15+ purchase of Stockman&Dakota at Jewel, when Beringer was $4.99/bottle…along with a lot of other coupons…paid $22.16 for groceries that day, and will get $20 back for the rebate.

    • April says

      That rebate is in the Fresh Summertime Fun booklet, the one you can pick up at the front of the store. I was thinking about doing it too.

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