Loading e-coupons on the Jewel-Osco website

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So, now you can load e-coupons on the Jewel-Osco website!

(These are different than the ones on SavingStar that rebate back into your SavingStar account.)

  1. Head over to the Jewel site.
  2. Click Savings near the top left, and pick “Coupons” from the drop-down menu.

Scroll through the e-coupons until you see one with the red “Save to Card” option to the right, and click “Save to Card.” It will pop up a box saying that you need to login or sign up. Click the green “Log In” button and log in. (If you are having trouble getting your new Fuel Rewards card linked up, see instructions on linking your Fuel Rewards card here.)

Now, “Save to Card” on the right turns green, and you can start loading them. Just click “Save to Card” next to each one you want to load, and keep scrolling through the list and adding.

After you add an e-coupon, it will change to show you that it’s on your card.

  • Note that only select coupons are available to load to your card; if they don’t have a green “Save to Card” button, they’re just printable.
  • Their printables appear to be pretty much the same as those on Coupons.com.
  • Each has an expiration date, after which it will disappear off your card.
  • It looks like you can load a maximum of 150 e-coupons, but this isn’t currently an issue, since there aren’t anywhere near that many available.
  • I can’t find any way to sort so that the “load to card” coupons show up first — can you? It’s kind of a pain to scroll through the entire list, especially since their site is slow as molasses. But, what can you do. :)

So, now that you have e-coupons loaded onto your card, you can look over on the right and click “View eCoupons saved to card” to see everything you have loaded and when they expire.

Unlike with SavingStar, these come off at the register when you buy the products. E-coupons are one-time use, and will only come off once, not on multiples.

Are these store or manufacturer e-coupons?

Their help section says the following: “Manufacturer Coupons are limited to one per item. Manufacturer digital eCoupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.” These new e-coupons are not marked in any way as to whether they are store or manufacturer e-coupons, so are they saying they are all “Manufacturer digital eCoupons” and shouldn’t be used together?

People are reporting that if you use a paper coupon together with an e-coupon at the register, both are coming off. Whether that means these particular ones are actually store e-coupons that are combining with manufacturer paper coupons, or the registers just can’t figure out you’re combining two manufacturer coupons, and they want you to police yourself, I do not know — and who would know not to combine them unless you searched their help section. (Except for you guys, now that I told you so you can share my pondering!) The fact that they are the same as on Coupons.com makes me suspect that they are indeed manufacturer coupons, however. These are new-ish, and I haven’t yet tried them myself — I just finally managed to get my new Fuel Rewards card registered today, lol.

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  1. marjie says

    When Kroger first came out with coupons you could load on your card they could be combines with paper coupons. However, they quickly figured out what was happening and changed their computer system. I wonder if Jewel will do the same?

  2. michelle says

    I used e coupons last week. The register would not scan my paper coupons. But then again I had problems with most of my printed coupons even if they weren’t doubles to the e coupons. The cashier ended up just typing them all in.

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