Little poll — how do you feel about taking peelies off products?

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A question Anne asked in comments prompted this, but the question comes up pretty often. So, let’s see how you guys feel… and please feel free to add comments if there’s more you’d like to say on the matter. :)

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  1. Kathleen says

    I agree with NMK. If you are not buying the product, then you are not buying anything stuck to the product.

  2. Mimi says

    I never have and I hate when I purchase something that HAD a peelie and someone else took it off. I feel that the peelie BELONGS to whoever purchases the item, I wish people would stop being greedy.

  3. c says

    oh my. of all the “gray area” things “couponers” do, I would rate this the most mundane. It is a MUCH bigger deal to me that lots of people seem to use coupons for products of the same brand not listed on the coupon. (this happens with diapers A LOT).

    Also actually illegal – the buying and selling of coupons, which they expressly say is not allowed in the fine print. However, this is accepted by lots of people as fine.

    In my opinion, if you are going to use that coupon to purchase that product, then why does it matter where you got it? Products with coupons attached are rarely retailer specific, so what is the big deal?

  4. Kath says

    A few weeks ago when the wheat thins/ triscuits were part of a catalina deal, not one box (at two Jewel stores) had a peelie coupon (only the remaining clear labels). This frustrating experience proves to me that those peelies are meant for the item they’re attached to.

    • says

      Kath — on that one I’m guilty — at my store the triscuits had peelies but the wheat thins did not. I wanted wheat thins so took the peelies from the triscuit and used them same shopping trip on the wheat thins — same store, same deal, but then of course the peelies weren’t there on the triscuits for whoever was buying those.

  5. Megan says

    Here’s what I wrote earlier. I had no idea this would become a hot topic. :(

    # Meganon 02 Jul 2010 at 8:09 pm
    Anne, honestly sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. The thing is, 99% of the time it’s at one specific store and I end up using them there later. With so many things I don’t do that some other couponers do, this is one thing I don’t feel guilty about – in my opinion it’s the same as using wine tags or taking other coupons attached to products in other various ways [hangtags]. Sorry if you feel that it’s stealing…

  6. sandy says

    Did it once on a box of dog treats, when I opened it up it the q had expired a month ago. That indicates how old the product was on the shelf.

    Probably off topic but…something that does not seem right is when there is a loop hole of some sorts and people abuse it. Read somewhere that a BYGO free Q was printing multipal times, people were printing it well over 50x’s.

    Anyone think this is wrong?

  7. says

    And Megan — this wasn’t at all targeted at you! It’s come up before, will come up again, and I’m honestly curious about people’s opinions on the issue.

  8. Amanda S says

    To me, this is the equivalent of people opening packages to get the coupons/free items contained inside. C’mon, really?

    Almost every couponer wants a store to have their own coupon policy that is standard for all stores of that particular chain. Similarly, couponers ought to have their own code of acceptable behavior, especially when it comes to shelf clearing and taking peelies off products. Even though this may be called a “most mundane” issue by some, this type of behavior adds to the litany of reasons that people hate couponers. if you’re going to take the peelie, just use it then or buy the product with the peelie and use the peelie later, but don’t rip every single one off the packages and leave the item behind.

    I am in my early 30’s, but the lack of integrity, honesty, and general conduct from some people much older/mature than me truly concerns me. It’s no wonder that cashiers and retailers about close their doors when they see someone coming in with a fistful of coupons and $2.

  9. Kay says

    Sure, I peel the peelies! The manufacturer puts peelies on so I’ll buy their productl, and I don’t think they care where or when I buy it. Marketing mission accomplished.

  10. Joy says

    Sandy – yes I agree. Lots of people complaining all over the place about the print limits on the Sobe game (and rightly so, if it says you can play every day and you win that coupon every day you should be able to print it every day). Now Sobe has “fixed” that and “reset” it. Those same people are now hitting their back button and printing it 20, 25+ times. THAT is not OK. You play the game once, win once, print once. Nowhere does it say Congratulations! You won 25 coupons!

  11. lora says

    i admit that i take them..i limit it to 2, but i do take them. i do not think that its the same as opening the box to take them out- that is clearly intended for after you buy it. when its on top of the product i think that its yours for the taking.

  12. Lisa V says

    Oh boy!
    Yea, if I will buy that product, sure I will peel a peelie or 2 for later use. I don’t take everyone on every product I see though.
    As far as the SOBE goes, you are able to print bricks coupons twice before you’ve “reached the limit”. you can’t tell me this can’t have been fixed. It’s been going on for days, surely they know about the multiple prints. I printed SOBE…but honestly don’t have time to sit and print the same coupon over and over and over so it got old quick.

  13. RDietz says

    I did peel one at Walgreens the other day that was on a bottle of Cascade. I used in on the action packs instead of the bottled stuff, but the coupon said I could, so I did. It was a good coupon too! $2/1. I wish I had peeled a few more for the deal coming up this week. :)

  14. Nikki says

    Here is the thing, the manufacturer give the stores rolls of peelies to put on their products, some stores actually put the peelies or tags on the products. This is done by manufacturers to encourage people to buy their products. I feel that as long as your intent is to purchase the products at sometime (and not collect them to sale them) then there should be no problem with you removing the peelies. I agree with Megan, Kay, and C.

    And really what are we upset about?

    That as couponers, we are always looking to save and we could have save more on that product that we intended on purchasing that now has the clear sticker left from the peelie? Or That we did not get there first to remove them? 9 times out of 10 we probably already have a coupon for that item anyway, right, most of us shop for things that we already have coupons for unless it’s something we really need at the time. And even then we are checking blogs, google, and the company’s website to see if there is a coupon out there somewhere. Let’s face some truth here.

    I can honestly say what bothers me the most is looking for winetags, I am new to this part of couponing and it really does feel like you are stealing them off of the product to some degree. In fact most of the time you have to explain to the cashier how you have a right to use that coupon because it states “No alcohol purchase required” in all honesty those are the tags intended for those people who actually drink those products, that is truly what that manufacturer put it there for. At least you don’t have to explain a peelie. We can reason that in most cases the person actually buying the liquor never give the coupon attached a second look or even use it to its fullest capacity.

    There are so many coupons out there that we don’t know about, just yesterday on my husband’s search at my request to check for winetags he started talking to one of the stockers who told him that all kinds of winetags come in from the company for the retailer to put on the bottles, but unless the company come in and stock the liquor (in most cases they don’t such has Dominick’s) then they don’t put the tags on the bottles. He said, “It’s just too much work, so we throw them out in most cases”. Now if that was me that would have been my chance to say to him do you have some in the back that you have thrown out or not intending on putting on the bottles, but in my husband’s case he just made a mental note. Likewise this is also true as far as the peelies are concerned. On 3 different occasions in 3 different stores I have come across coupons. Once 3 packs of coupons for Starbucks Fappuccino all expired tucked away between cases of pops still in the plastic, the other times rolls of peelies. So the truth is how do you feel afterwards? Or while doing it? If it feels wrong don’t do it, but don’t get upset because someone did. I will end here, so much for a brief comment huh?

  15. Kristin says

    I used to take them, but not anymore. I don’t think that the manufacturer has anything to lose when peelies are removed and used later or used on other varieties of products. I just don’t think it’s fair to the person coming along to buy that item. I know I get a little peeved when I buy something that obviously had a peelie on it, or when I see items defaced by people who tugged stuck peelies hard enough to rip the packaging.

  16. Matt says

    My personal policy is to peel it if I think it’s a good coupon and could match up with something else later (typically a $1 off, $1 off 2, etc.). I don’t take more than I would use (usually 1 or 2) as I don’t think it’s fair for the other couponers shopping at the store. It’s the same thing with tearpads, although the actual peelies and hangtags require removing a coupon physically from an item. Most of the time you don’t need peelies, but a $1 off Tostitos chips comes in handy. You should always check the expiration on the peelie too since some of them are expired already. If it’s expired and you take it you’re doing them a favor, so that someone doesn’t unknowingly redeem an expired coupon.

    It’s a questionable area, obviously some people are convinced it’s stealing to take a coupon off the item. But you’re not literally stealing any product from the store. You’re taking a coupon, which is an IOU to the manufacturer. If you use the coupon at a later date or different store, the manufacturer pays out the coupon and gets paid for a purchase. So as long as the coupon is used the manufacturer is being compensated for a purchase with that coupon used. If you don’t use the coupon, they don’t get a potential purchase and they don’t have to pay out on the coupon. So they’re really where they started.

    Taking the coupons off the items and selling them is pretty much illegal. I think that would be prosecutable, although I’m not sure how vigilant they are in catching people on that. Typically, I think that if you are dishonest it does eventually catch up with you one way or another.

    It’s pretty much a similar issue with the store issued coupon books. Sometimes there are coupons in there that you can’t get any other way and that you need for other deals. I can’t be expected to use the whole coupon book on one trip. There is no sign that says, “Limit one per customer.” However, taking more than a few (my max number is 5) from one store does limit the deals for others. It’s the same with clearing shelves. If there are a fixed number of items and you buy them all there will be none left for everyone else. It’s not unethical to clear a shelf, but it can ruin the deal for other couponers, especially at Walgreens.

  17. Jen Beedie says

    Easy rule of thumb would you take the peelie or winetag if the store manager was watching you. If the answer is no then you shouldn’t be taking them. I agree things like this is why we couponers get a bad name

  18. Lisa says

    I’m in the “it’s wrong” club – but I do see the point regarding the marketing objective. I live in the land of plentiful Haband ad inserts and crappy value coupons, so printables and peelies are all I have to go on! Recently, Jewel had a great deal on packages of John Morrell ham – they were bogo, and a great price on just one to boot, plus there were 55 cent peelies supposed to be on the packages. When I went, there was plenty of ham . . . but almost every single package was missing the peelie coupon – just had the clear sticker where it should have been. There must have been at least 30 packages of ham missing peelies. Really? WITH the peelie + sale price + bogo, the ham was 95 cents a package – so what’s the sense in peeling to use later when the best deal you’re probably ever going to see is right in front of your face?

  19. Nikki says

    So here is a clear example of what I mean by using them later. At the Jewel in the city coupons every where on all of the brands of soda. Really only looking for wine tags wanted to take a few peelies, but didn’t. Later at a different Jewel in Suburbs finish up some dairy deals, just a few boxes of soda here and there with peelies. Found a $1 off one 12pk of Sunkist (took that one), later at a different Jewel still in the suburbs, again hardly any peelies on the sodas although they were packed to the ceiling in the back of the store where I found 2 more sunkist peelies (took them). Today in the city again taking a family member with no car grocery shopping stopped at the Jewel on the way home found many sunkist tags (took one) purchased my 4 cases of sunkist for 4/$8 – $4 = $4. I still used the peelies with the same company (Jewel) and I did not sell them and I used them on a current sale.

  20. NMK says

    I think if its ATTACHED to a product for sale, you should only take that coupon if your going to buy that product attached to it, at that time and at that store… not taking (and in my opinion, stealing) it and pocketing it to use some other time. That is if its a coupon attached to an item. I, like some who’ve commented, think it stinks when I want to buy an item that had a coupon attached to it but someone took it off. I feel like its part of the item and your only intitled to that coupon if you buy that product (specifically, the product the coupon was affixed to)..

  21. Anne says

    I do think it’s stealing if you take the peelie off without buying the product that had the peelie attached to the item. The manufacturer is putting the peelie on the product to encourage sales of that item that may not move much out of the store (an item that might not be as big of a seller). I would have rather bought a different Wheatable variety last night, but I had to buy the one that had the peelie on it so I could use the peelie. Peelies may be easy to peel off, but it is attached to the product so if I want the peelie, I buy the product. I wouldn’t cut off a coupon that was on a product in the store and leave the product on the shelf.

  22. KellyH says

    I also happen to feel that taking peelies from one product at one store to use for that product at another store isn’t on the up and up either. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling when peelies are put out, they aren’t put out at every store, but ones the manufacturers select. Taking them to use at a different store may be a grey area, but I don’t think it’s right.


  23. No way Jose says

    It is wrong. The wine tags, peelies, hang tags etc. are attached to the item. You don’t steal sample size items that are free off of items, or do you? I bet 80% don’t even use the peelie, BUT

    Couponers bend over backwards excusing their behavior- but that doesn’t make it right.

  24. Megan says

    What about hangtags? If there are hangtags at one store for an item that is on sale at another store, would you take one?

  25. missb says

    I take the peelies off of Kashi cereal boxes, when there are PLENTY available. Because, I find that when Jewel or Target has a sale on Kashi cereal, all the peelies are GONE…they have disappeared…so I take two or three for later.

  26. soph says

    I don’t think that stealing from the manufacturer is the problem here as most seem to admit to using the coupon eventually. It’s more “stealing” from your fellow shopper when you take peelies from items you don’t buy. It seems like that’s the way the world is now. People only seem to think about themselves and don’t take into account how their actions affect others.

  27. Caroline says

    AH! I totally agree with Jen Beedie. If you wouldn’t do it in front of a store manager than you clearly think its wrong. I bet at least half of the people who said that they do take peelies/tags wouldn’t do it if a manager were standing there. Well put!

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