Let’s help each other again — Dominick’s and Catalinas

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Diane emailed a request for a Dominick’s post a la the Wholly Guacamole craziness from last week, and I think it could be really useful — good idea, Diane! For this one, multiple questions. Does your Dominick’s:

  1. Take Register Rewards?
  2. Take Jewel manufacturer Catalinas?
  3. Take expired RR?
  4. Take expired Jewel manufacturer Catalinas?

(Clarification: They won’t take Catalinas that are “store” coupons, so I’m talking here about the on-your-next-order (OYNO) Catalinas that have the Jewel or Walgreens logo yet are manufacturer coupons.) Note also that most Dominick’s are now only accepting only one OYNO Catalina (from anywhere) per transaction, for whatever reason.

Let’s help each other out with location and answers, and I’ll keep a running list here. Please comment with your experience — thanks!

Takes Register Rewards

Crystal Lake
Glen Ellyn — current and expired
Oswego (Rt. 34)
Woodridge — current and expired

Takes Jewel Catalinas

Crystal Lake
Oswego (Rt. 34)
Woodridge — Current and expired

Does NOT Take Register Rewards


Does NOT take Jewel Catalinas


Depends who’s working

Naperville — Naper Blvd.
Willowbrook (Rt. 83)

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  1. Christina M. says

    Naperville – Naper Blvd location

    Twice I’ve gotten lucky and a clerk accepted a catalina or RR, but lately everyone has been refusing them.

  2. Diane says

    Elmhurst Dominicks on Route 83 took an expired RR today. They did not take an expired Jewel Catalina but that may be because it didn’t scan. They were so busy today that if it would have scanned I don’t think they would have noticed it was a Jewel Catalina.

    Willowbrook Dominicks on Route 83 will not take any RRs or Jewel Catalinas. They used to, but the cashier said there was some “situation” and now they do not take them anymore.

    Tomorrow I plan to try Countryside and Western Springs. I am determined to get rid of these expireds before the end of the year!

    Thanks for the post! :)

  3. says

    I spoke with the manager at Naper Blvd location about 6 weeks ago and he said that they will accept the RR and expired Jewel catalinas that are manufacturer coupons.

  4. El says

    Glenview: no RR. Used to sometimes take expired Jewel OYNO (but allowed only 1 CAT per transaction) depending on cashier. Yesterday they didn’t but I don’t know if it was the cashier.

  5. Robin says

    Oswego on Rt 34 will take 1 Register Reward or $ off next order Catalina. Never tried an expired one. They use to take more but now limited it to one per order, but they will spilt the order for you there, they are pretty friendly, never had a problem with them taking any of my coupons.

  6. Michele says

    I wish I was having the same experience as Robin at the Oswego Rt. 34 Dom’s. They have flat out refused my Jewel Cat’s each and every time. Robin, any advice for that store since you have been able to use them with success? Thanks in advance!

  7. heather says

    I’ve used RR and Jewel Cats at Shorewood. Never tried a expired one, but I will be. Missed using a $5 RR that expired last week while I was busy with sick kids. Will post once I try it.

  8. Steph says

    Crystal Lake-I have to say they have been wonderful! Was there other day and they had no problem splitting up my order so I could use all my catalinas (had to get rid of them, going on vacation). So of course doing that didnt get me to the 50.00 for my free eggs, bread, bacon, and OJ, but they took it off anyway!! PLUS someone bought the store out of the .99 cheese, so I brought up 4 bags of the 32 oz and asked if they could charge me 3.98 ( .99×4) instead of the sale price of 5.99 and they did it! I asked the manager if she knew about your sight and said no, so I told her that I would put up a good post for the Crystal Lake Dominicks! Plus they have a starbucks…bonus!

  9. Robin says

    Hi Michele,

    Hmmm… I don’t know what advice to give about the Dom’s in Oswego. I typically go on a Sunday, I have several different cashiers, in fact the manager that’s rang me up a few times told me I need to teach his wife how to shop. I do know that I can only use 1 $ OYNO coupon per transaction. The only thing I would possibly recommend is stating it’s a manufacturer coupon and point to the top where it shows that. Or maybe politely tell them they have taken them before R U sure you can’t take them since they are manufacturer coupons? Sorry for your bad experience it appears Amanda has had the same experience I have had. Hope this helps.

  10. Stephenie says

    Last time I went to Dominicks on 34 in oswego, they told me that they will one take one IPQ because of all the fraud. I don’t know. I’m not dealing with the dominicks there anymore. They also didn’t want to split my transactions and then again told me the one IPQ rule. I said then this transaction will be my husbands and the next will be my sons. She just looked at me, I smiled and she scanned them. Didn’t say another word back to me.

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