LEGOLAND deal on Family Finds

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I know some of you have been asking for LEGOLAND deals. Alas, I don’t have anything like the $5.00 tickets from long, long ago… but today on familyFINDS they are selling a one-day package: Two adult + two child admissions for $34.

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  1. melissa says

    Has anyone taken an almost 2 year old there? My stepson is 8 and just loves this place but Im wondering how my toddler would do?

      • christine says

        Thank you! Just ordered some and my kids will be so excited.
        I have taken my 2 year old and he loves it. The lunch room has a climbing area and lots of Duplos and larger blocks to play with.

  2. MsLu2 says

    I went to the radio shopping website. For those who have bought the tickets, are they internet printables. I mean, do you get them immediately and what are the restrictions if any. Thinking of going on Monday. Thanks!

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