Last chance for Zaycon chicken til Fall

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Zaycon Foods has open February pick-up dates for fresh boneless skinless chicken breast. They just emailed that this will be the last chicken event until fall, given projections of rising chicken costs this summer, so be sure to get in on this one and fill your freezer with Zaycon! I’ve picked up chicken from them several times, and always been very pleased — and I just placed my own order for this event!

  • If you’re not in IL, they have other open events all across the country, too, so see what’s by you.

If you’re not familiar with Zaycon Foods,

How much chicken was that, again?


  • 40 lbs of chicken at $1.89/lb = $75.60. They do charge IL food tax, which brings it to $77.30 after tax.

Pickup locations and getting together to split this stuff

Hopefully there is a date and time that will work for you. Head over to Zaycon to place your order now.

  • And, please feel free to chat and get together in comments about splitting orders, if these are too large for your family.
  • You can also talk about splitting orders over in the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Facebook group.

See the Zaycon site for specific pickup locations and times for the chicken events.

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  1. Kate says

    I missed placing my order last time due to a very hectic schedule, and then took a chance with Aldi’s $1.49/lb b/s. It was very good- and from America, etc etc…so then when they had it again 2 or so weeks ago, I bought a case. Processed and packaged it when I came home, like I do with Zaycon, and it’s been great. I see that Zaycon is saying something about price of chicken going up…anyone know or speculate if Aldi will keep holding this special price now and again? I’d need more chicken before fall, but don’t want to order a huge order from zaycon right now if I don’t need to.

  2. Suzann says

    Check Sprout’s weekly ads – they have reasonable (less than $2.00/lb.) sale prices. One week it will
    be boneless breasts and the next week boneless thighs. You can sign up for their weekly ad–they have great produce prices–
    price match at WalMart.

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