Kmart — Update on Ziploc deal

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Come on people, don’t make me go to Kmart! lol … anyway, here is an update on the Ziploc deal at Kmart, which is all sorts of awesome. Thanks to those who commented today confirming it’s working.

  • Select Ziploc bags are on sale 4/$10.00.
  • There is a Kmart Catalina going: Buy $10, get $5.00 OYNO.
  • They also appear to be participating in the national Ziploc Catalina deal: Buy four, get $2.00 OYNO.
  • SO! Buy four boxes for $10.00 and get back BOTH $2.00 and $5.00.

Let’s make it better with coupons :)

  • Head over to Coupon Network. Watch the little video to unlock the $.70/1 coupon. Then, check the boxes on both the $.70/1 and the $.60/1 before printing, and you can print both.
  • $1.00/2 in the 3/4 SS.
  • $.50/1 in the 3/18 SS.
  • Also look in your stash for buy two get one free tearpads that were floating about.

So, a one-computer scenario:

  • Buy four boxes for $10.00.
  • Use $.60/1, $.70/1, and $1.00/2.
  • Pay $7.70 + tax.
  • Get back $7.00 ($5.00 and $2.00) for a net cost of $.70 for four boxes of Ziploc!

What’s even better? These are manufacturer Catalinas, so roll them right back into another set of four Ziploc. Update — these ROLL, but the $5.00 is store and the $2.00 is manufacturer.

Helpful notes from you guys

skincarekathy comments: “All of the Kmarts double every Wednesday and Saturday throughout March with a $25 before-coupon purchase.” $25 in grocery/beauty/health — not general merchandise. They’re doubling 5 coupons with a Shop Your Way Rewards card up to $1.00 in face value (so $1.00 doubles to $2.00).

letsshop comments: “Anyway 2 for $5 ziploc freezer/storage gallon/quart most have extra look for bonus size .”

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  1. Carolyn says

    Just a FYI you can print the $0.60 Ziploc coupon at it’s a Manufactuer’s coupon not Target one

  2. Liz says

    Sounds great, I am out of ziploc. I live around 20 minutes from Kmart so I don’t shop there. I was wondering what could I buy with my leftover catalinas after I am done rolling the ziplocs. Thanks

    • Marie says

      I watched the video and got an error message afterward so no coupon at all. But I did print them off at the Target website so at least I have 2mfs for 60 cents each!

  3. says

    Good Morning
    About Kmart catalina’s $2 is a ,But $5 is a store coupon which exp. in 4/11 that is the one I got yesterday .Going to try and see if they got mre in today.

  4. Melissa A says

    Yep, did this deal yesterday as well. Worked like a charm. Thanks guys!
    Paid 8.73 got back 7.00 in Cats. So 1.73 for 4 boxes of ziploc bags.

    • Melissa A says

      I did not use my rewards card and I received the cats and I was at the Montgomery store. They also had plenty left. HTH

    • Julie says

      Did you use your rewards card? I think you have to use it to get the cats back. I did it twice, tried a third time and didn’t get any cats, they said there was a limit per card. Anyone else experience this?

      • Nikki says

        Yes, I did use my rewards card & today was the first time I tried the deal. Could the deal have ended on Wednesday?

        • Theresa says

          Worked it four times with Rewards card this morning at Willowbrook store, and it ran smoothly with both Catalinas printing. But don’t run to the store now, since others had clearly been there before me and there’s less left now 😉

    • says

      Ran in this morning at WB Kmart before Dr app. 9;30am got 8 storage/freezer and rolled them twice no problems and I still have my 2 cats. Did you buy the 2 for $5? ones

    • says

      Maybe the Catalina machine was down? But $8.08 sounds low after tax — could one of the boxes have rung up for less maybe and messed up the $10 deal? Otherwise wait til tomorrow and call Catalina 1-888-8COUPON.

    • sccouponer says

      I tried using the $2 cat that came from the ziploc deal also. Tried to use it on 2 separate transactions, 1 of which I had filler items like Walgreens requires. It did not work on either transactions. But I had no problem rolling the $5 cat.

  5. Heather says

    I tried it this morning and it did not work for me. Were the freezer bags not included? I did find a lot of nice clearance clothing though.

  6. Julie says

    I had to argue at the crystal lake store for them to let me use 4it coupons on 4 boxes. They said they could only take 1a coupon because it says “one per purchase” I argued that there is a difference between per purchase and per transaction. Then they wouldn’t let me stack the 5storebag coupon with another round if ziplocs and manufacturers coupons. I’ve never shopped Kmart before… won’t do it again.

    • Lynn says

      I had the same problem at crystal lake :(….. On the upside, the small screw top ziplock containers were .82 – not marked :)

  7. says

    MONEY MAKER on the Ziploc Vacuum Bags. I did the deal 4 times. Use the $1.00 off the Ziploc Vacuum Bags from the 3/4 Smart Source. Paid $6.73 including tax and got back $7.00 OYNO.

  8. LaurieZ says

    I went to the bradley, il store this morning. I did the deal twice and received the 7.00 OYNO plus a a 5.00 off grocery thru 3/30 when u spend 30.00. Awesome!

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