Kmart Prescription coupon! $30 gift card with transferred prescription

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Update — This coupon expired in June 2014, for those of you who have run across this post recently, although Kmart still has it up on their site. Check recent Kmart ads in your newspaper, since they have been putting prescription coupons in these ads about once a month or so recently.


So many of you have been looking for prescription coupons, and here’s one! At Kmart, SYWR members can print this new coupon for a $30 gift card when you transfer a prescription. If your CVS takes competitor prescription coupons, you can also use there. :)

(Thanks, cjpuppy on ETC)

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  1. Lisa says

    Publix in Florida takes them too, but be sure to print their coupon policy which clearly states that they, “accept coupons from all local retail pharmacies” before going in to redeem the deal. Many Publix pharmacy employees are unaware of this policy.
    CVS in South Florida has told me that they will happily accept the Kmart transfer coupon, although I prefer to get a supermarket gift card from Publix.

  2. roxy says

    got a snotty lady on the phone, said they don’t take anything, no promotions going on, and they don’t price match anything, no attempt to do anything. Was bad enough to make me not even want to shop at CVS for anything.

  3. vernice russell says

    On the this coupon it says it cannot be photocopied can you really use this it says something about fraud if it is? please respond thanks a lt

    • says

      It expired in June — see the date on this post — so you can’t use it any more. Printing it from the Kmart site, however, is not the same as photocopying.

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