Kmart Fail — LOL

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This is worth reading just for the title — On Consumerist: “Kmart Posts Amazing Coupon on Internet, then forgets Internet exists.”

I’m thinking of a new business model. Hire yourself out as a high-priced “coupon consultant” to companies to help them avoid fiascos like this… the Oprah/KFC craziness… the 1-800-Flowers Valentine’s Day peelie disaster, and so on. How much do you think you could charge for something like that? :)

(By the way, their Facebook Wall is pretty amusing right now.)

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  1. says

    Jill C did it for free when Dominicks asked(!) for feedback and then Dominickis mainly chose to ignore all that consumers ranted about. So will the store only pay attention when they pay through the nose??
    So I’m thinking about $1000 per day to consult could, maybe, be enough to have to put up with retailers like this and their, ummm, attitude??

  2. JCW says

    One thing I have to say is, take a look at the first dozen-ish posts in Couponers Wanted (in the 10/20 Kmart Q thread.)

    Before any results came in as to whether or not stores accepted them, people were already posting comments like: “use this Q fast before they pull it” or “are they crazy,” etc…

    So pretty much–people knew this was not going to last. That it was a mistake. Too good to be true. Or whatever.

    Then it turns to talk of bait & switch or that their grandmother was bullied by the store manager and had the threat of calling the police on her. A class action lawsuit. That Kmart sucks. They are evil.


    Someone made a big mistake. They should have made the link a one time print deal or a quit after X number of prints–with a way to track and stop when they wanted it to stop.

    The comments on FB are horrible and make me alternate between cringe-ing and laughing.

  3. says

    I have just entertained myself for quite some time reading the facebook page. I am in awe that it does not matter what part of the country you live in, Kmart is horrible where ever you go. All their employees are miserable and across the board everyone receives horrible customer service from the top down. It’s astounding! Thanks for the link to and entertaining and eye opening afternoon…what else do I have to do on a snowy March Saturday?

  4. Rita says

    Seems like this latest fiasco could have been avoided with nothing more then common sense! and considering the recent Sears Fiasco a moderate level of long term memory.

  5. jen says

    so do I even try and use the Q at Kmart in CL??…I hear mixed answers, “yes if the q scans they will take it, now I hear yes if you are in the chicagoland area, (stores listed) you can use it????” I don’t want to waste my time,gas or energy arguing with a Kmart associate over a $10 Q especially on a SAT.

    Anyone have any success….really shocked that JIll C. hasn’t made one comment on her blog about all the issues with this Q??? Wonder if she had success yesterday at KMART??? Wierd.

  6. Sabrina says

    Stopped at the Kmart in Bloomingdale just to see if they would take the coupon – I was planning on getting the Princess and the Frog movie if it worked. Customer service said they would take the coupon…but they were out of stock for the movie! But it looks like they would have taken it!

  7. Jen says

    I used the coupon at the St. John IN KMart today. They WILL NOT take any mfg. coupons with it. The Cust. Service guy said you can either use Mfg coupons, or the Kmart $10. What a crock, as Kmart will be reimbursed from the mfg. anyway.

  8. Lisa says

    I just tried to post on Facebook and was given the message that I could not post to their wall. I was trying to let them know what happened to me when I went to Kmart, yesterday, to try and use the coupon. The manager YELLED across the registers to my cashier that they “can not accept the coupon because the customer fraudulently printed it”. I had a nice, calm conversation with the manager about why she felt that I had fraudulently printed a coupon off of their website and she not only showed me a copy of the e-mail that they received from corporate, but she printed me a copy of it and it clearly states that “the customer fraudulently printed it”. That’s why cashiers and managers were treating us that way…corporate led them to believe that we were at fault.

  9. says

    Lisa — that’s awful! I’m so sorry that happened to you. You have to “become a fan” to post to their wall — you can always un-fan them right after (bottom left sidebar of the wall). I’d love to see (and post) a copy of that email if you are able to scan it.

  10. Leanbh says

    Facebook wall is hilarious. I will not be suprised if this goes to mainstream media!If they just came out and apologized and said they made a mistake etc, reminds me of the YourBucks Ragu/Suave debacle! So they say it will be honered at intended chicagoland stores -does anyone know which stores? I have the origianal coupon not the 2nd one with the stores listed. Not sure if the first will still work?

    • says

      Leanbh — here’s the list of stores, although I’m not sure anyone’s taking the original coupon anymore.

      1199 E OGDEN AVE
      NAPERVILLE, IL 60563

      1500 W LINCOLN HWY
      NEW LENOX, IL 60451

      5050 S KEDZIE AVE
      CHICAGO, IL 60632

      1801 W JEFFERSON
      JOLIET, IL 60435

      7050 S PULASKI
      CHICAGO, IL 60629

      17550 S HALSTED
      HOMEWOOD, IL 60430

      7325 W 79TH ST
      BRIDGEVIEW, IL 60455

      1900 DOUGLAS RD
      MONTGOMERY, IL 60538

      1360 ASHLAND AVE N
      CHICAGO, IL 60622

      5033 N ELSTON
      CHICAGO, IL 60630

      3443 W ADDISON
      CHICAGO, IL 60618

      990 N KINZIE AVE
      BRADLEY, IL 60915

      1155 OAKTON ST
      DES PLAINES, IL 60018

      10205 GRAND AVE
      FRANKLIN PARK, IL 60131

      6000 NORTHWEST HWY
      CRYSTAL LAKE, IL 60014

      156 S GARY AVE
      BLOOMINGDALE, IL 60108

      345 W ROOSEVELT RD
      LOMBARD, IL 60148

      400 E ROLLINS ROAD

      840 PLAINFIELD

      4201 N HARLEM AVE
      NORRIDGE, IL 60634

      7630 W ROOSEVELT
      FOREST PARK, IL 60130

      17355 TORRENCE AVE
      LANSING, IL 60438

      11000 S CICERO AVE
      OAK LAWN, IL 60453

      3231 CHICAGO RD
      STEGER, IL 60475

      4101 W 95TH ST
      OAK LAWN , IL 60453

      430 W RIDGE RD
      GRIFFITH, IN 46319

      9550 WICKER
      ST JOHN, IN 46373

      16300 HARLEM
      TINLEY PARK, IL 60477

  11. Corissa says

    Leanbh — The original “Chicago” coupon should still work in Chicagoland stores because it has the same bar code as the Chicago coupon with the stores listed. The NYC coupon will beep if you try to use it in a Chicago area store. I used the Chicago coupon without the list of stores yesterday at Naperville KMart with no problem. You know if you have the Chicago coupon because the last 4 digits of the bar code are 4334.

  12. Corissa says

    Susan, that link is for the NYC coupon. I don’t think it will scan at Chicago area locations. If you are in the NYC area it might work.

  13. kristine says

    i used three of them in three seperate transactions. the cashier was friendly and helpful and was even cheerful at what a good deal it was. why do people get SO mad when they don’t get every deal? Maybe some of you got 1000 Nesquiks and other people didn’t, you don’t win every time. They made an error, pulled it as they were entitled to do, and let’s all move on.

    • says

      Hi kristine — the issue is absolutely not that they pulled it — it’s the fact that they’re telling customers these are fraudulent and in some cases even yelling at people when they’re trying to use them. It’s awesome that you had a good experience. If Kmart just said, hey, we made an error putting these up, and we’re no longer honoring them outside of the markets they’re intended to be used in, that’s absolutely OK. But putting it on the customer, not OK. Hanging up on customers and yelling at customers and being inconsistent between stores and cashiers, not OK. Just imho. :)

  14. Megan says

    I’m aggravated over it because I called one store in the morning, they said they were taking it, I bundled up three kids, got to the cash register, and was told they wouldn’t take it. Then I read later on that day that the store was on the Chicago list, called them up, they confirmed they were taking the new coupon, bundled four kids up this time, got to the cashier at the end and was told that once again they weren’t taking the coupon – they had gotten the email from Corp as I was driving over.

  15. Leanbh says

    Thanks for the list!

    I feel so bad for everyone who has taken the hike over for nothing.

    Megan -I have 3 kids so I know what a pain it is to go all the way there for nothing.

    Corissa -I will check the code on the ones I printed, was hoping for a few deals on easter basket items.

  16. Angela says

    Maybe this is old news – but the $10 off $20 Kmart coupon worked today at 5033 N Elston, Chicago, 60630. No issues with the coupon. So, if you still have it, I would use it. I used the ‘second issue’ of the coupon – the one that includes all of the stores addresses.

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