Kleenex Catalina is national — other ideas

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OK, it looks like the Kleenex Catalina is national after all. Here, again, is the info:

  • Buy Kleenex tissue 50 count or larger between 1/23-2/19: Buy five, get $1.00. Buy six, get $1.50. Buy seven or more, get $2.00 OYNO.

This is confirmed running at Walgreens, where your deal is:

  • Buy seven boxes 70 or 100 count Kleenex at $.99 each with in-ad coupon = $6.93.
  • Use two $.50/3 from the 1/1 SS = $5.93.
  • Get back $2.00 RR for a net cost of $3.93/7, or $.56 each.

(Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady)

Now, since I’m reading about this running at various stores across the country, it should also work at Dominick’s. Update — I went this afternoon and did NOT get the catalina.

  • Buy seven boxes of 70 or 100 ct Kleenex for $6.93.
  • Use the in-ad coupon to drop the price on two of them to $.79 each = $6.53.
  • Use two $.50/3 from the 1/1 SS = $5.53.
  • Get back $2.00 OYNO for a net cost of $3.53/7, or $.51 each.

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  1. says

    If you read Jill you will see some of the problems we have had at Jewel !But today did my 7 for $10.50 Bought Kleeenex 50 Cool tissues ,And received two cats $2 and $3 = $5 then took 7 coupons to CS and got $3.50 equals total of $8.50 for 7 boxes plus taxes . The coupons for Cool tissues are not scanning correctly at Jewel,This is only way if you want to pay 29 cents each (O:

  2. Silviavm says

    I did not have 7 of one coupon so I had to mix it up a bit. I still prefer Jewel because you can roll the cats too, wags does not and I am not sure if DOMS actually rolls.

    I did this:
    (3) boxes of the 184 count of the 2-ply Kleenex
    (4) boxes of 69 count of the 3-ply cool touch Kleenex

    Used (1) .50/3 kleenex
    Used (4) .50/1 cool touch q

    Paid $8 after qs and got back a $2 cat and $3 cat so in essence I paid $3 for 7 boxes which means I paid .43 a box!! Now I have a few straggler qs for this deal so I am gatling my friends together pool our qs together ( I usually get the most inserts from my friends!) roll the cats and split the savings!!!! Our noses will never be sore again!!

  3. maggie says

    It seems to me that the best deal for regular Kleenex is still at Jewel, since the boxes are 174 count instead of 100 at the other stores. Am I right? :)

    • says

      At Jewel — buy six regular 174 ct and one 50 ct cool touch for $10.50. (Pay then post-redeem coupons at customer service if you are having the scanning problem at your store!)

      Use two $.50/3 and one $.50/1, pay $9, get $2 and $3 for net $4.00 for 7 boxes. Or $.57 a box. So it’s definitely better than Walgreens. At Jewel you’re getting 1113 sheets if you get the 69 ct cool touch and six 174 sheet boxes or .003 cents a sheet. At Dom’s if you buy the 100 ct boxes you are getting 700 sheets for net .005 cents a sheet. (Although you’ll pay less in tax, since your initial cost is $6.93 as opposed to $10.50. So add about a quarter more to your Jewel cost.)

      So, yes, it’s a better deal since six of your boxes are the big ones, but it’s good to have options if you don’t have a jewel or have been having problems with the cats printing :)

      • maggie says

        Thanks for doing the math. :)
        I already got one deal done at Jewel and didn’t receive the $3 cat (went through self-check and ofcourse all coupons were entered as Grocery!), but CS was very nice and just gave me $3 cash. Can’t beat that!

  4. debbie says

    I bought 7 boxes of tissues at Jewel(carol stream) and used 2 50 cent coupons and 1 40 cent on cool touch. All worked fine. I got back the $3 catalina and a $2 catalina.

  5. Michelle says

    Does anyone know if Food4Less is doing the catalina b/c Kleenex is on sale for .98 when you buy 10 of participating item. I thought this might be a good deal if they were in it too.

  6. Robin says

    I did the Kleenex deal at Mariano’s today. Bought 7 boxes of Kleenex – $1.39 X 7 = 9.73(5 cool touch and 2 regular). Used 2 – $1/2 Cool Touch (from a sample table a few weeks back), 1 – $1/2 Any Kleenex (from coupon pack inside specially labeled TP package), and 1 – $.50/1 Cool Touch from 1/1 SS. All coupons doubled so $7 off of $9.73 = $2.73 oop and got back a $2 cat. Overall price = $.73/7 or less than .11 a box! My daughter was ecstatic that I brought home some “creepy” Kleenex, her nose has been a wreck from a nasty cold and she said it helped :)

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