Keep an eye out for a new liquor rebate

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April commented with this one, and it’s lengthy for reader deals, so I’m just putting it in a separate post because I know how you all like the liquor rebates 😉 :

Look out for a new rebate form: It calls “60 seconds cocktails”. Couple days ago I found it in local liquor store, but later saw them in Jewel-Osco in Elmhurst (north) They were hanging all together in one stash in liquor department. Probably, other stores have them too. Rebate expires on September 15, 2010. So there is more then enough time to find the rebate and a good sale.

Save up to $60.

Save $5 when you purchase 2
Save $15 when you purchase 3
Save $30 when you purchase 4
Save $45 when you purchase 5
Save $60 when you purchase 6 ( hey, they are returning you $10 per bottle here!) 750ml or larger bottles of participating spirits:

House of Bacardi rums, House of Bacardi flavored rums, House  of Grey Goose Vodka and Flavored Vodkas, House of Bombay Gin, House of Dewar’s blended scotch whiskies or House of Tequila Cazadores.

My personal choice here would be a Bacardi rum.

So I made some research for Bacardi prices.

The best price right now is at Jewel. It is $11.99 per bottle till August 7.  Dominick’s, Wal-Mart and Ultra have a higher price.

$11.99 x 6 = $71.94 -10% ( for buying 6 bottles together)=$64.75
$64.75 x 8% tax? ($5.18)=$69.93
$69.93-$60.00 rebate=$9.93
$1.65 per bottle with tax! Or 80 cents a bottle w/o tax

But wait! It’s get better!
If you have some Bacardi coupons, you can make it a money maker!

Coupons I found, were not in flyers. I found them in Jewel about a month ago. It is possible they are still out where. Save $2/1 or $5/2 on the same coupon. Actually, the coupon applies to the same liquors as listed above on the rebate. If you prefer different liquor, you can still use this coupon.

So if I buy Bacardi at Jewel right now and use (3) $5/2 coupons it will reduce my purchase price by $15. It means, that I’ll pay $54.93 and should get $60 back in rebate. I should make about $5 on this. I hardly ever could make money on buying any liquor… I called the rebate center to ask, if I can use coupons with this rebate? They told me; yes , if the rebate doesn’t prohibit it. Looks like this rebate doesn’t prohibit it. So, yes…

Actually, the most interesting thing I noticed on the bottom of the rebate; No alcohol purchase necessary in MO & IN!!! Does it mean, that people, who live in Indiana can just mail in form and request $60, they don’t even need to buy a liquor???

LOL on the Missouri and Indiana — I don’t know!

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  1. Ann says

    Jewel in Orland at 179th & Wolf has a boatload of the $5/2 q’s all over the bottles of bacardi and also a tearpad of them in the display that holds the liquor q’s. But I can’t find any of the rebate ones! I know they look similar to the $5/2 q’s but I can’t find any – anyone have them at their stores and if so, where?

  2. MrsPiggy says

    Me too! I’ll send it to my friend in Indiana… hey it’s worth the $.44 cent postage to find out… RIGHT??

  3. Joy says

    *sigh* West Dundee Jewel now keeps them all under lock and key. MIR’s, WT all of them. Apparently there was a man in on Saturday who had gotten his hands on two entire booklets of the soda/mixer tags. In addition to that, there was that weird buy Absolut get a free watermelon that was in the flyer. He spent HOURS in the store with carts and carts full of “free” 12 packs and watermelons and caused such a ruckus that they are now locking them up. I know the store director over there and she told me all about it last night.

    Anyway, I bought Bacardi last night, so tonight I did as I was told and asked at the liquor department for one of these rebates. Got my head bit off! Clerk refused to give it to me because I bought it yesterday (had my receipt). I explained I knew they were behind the counter, relayed the whole conversation with the store director etc. no deal. How was I supposed to know there was a MIR, when it was behind the counter when I bought the Bacardi (before I talked to the SD). Ugh. So…I guess I’ll have to ask when she’s there. And find a new place to buy liquor! LOL

  4. Rebecca says

    Good deal! I’ll have to price out some tequila and scotch.. those go over well at our family events! Thanks for the heads up and if I CAN’T find these Qs and MIR at my Jewel or liquor store, I will post again asking for some, for sure! I would gladly pay postage via paypal or whatever :)

  5. Audrey says

    Hey! Me too, IN doesn’t allow any Q’s or MIR’s on liquor, that’s probably why they say “no purchase”. Will pay with pay pal or cash, whatever, wonder if the Jewel in Chesterton, IN even offers the Q’s or MIR. Thanks Girls

  6. Heather says

    Same here. I’d be more than happy to pay for postage. And let me know if you need any coupons too. :-)

  7. Kristy says

    I would also be more than happy to pay for postage for the MIR and any Q’s you can find. I looked at my Jewel in Sycamore this morning and found nothing except for a bunch of bottles of Bacardi calling my name.

  8. Marsha says

    I found this rebate at the Jewel at 63rd and Main in Downers Grove. The rebate states no other coupons may be used. And it only shows 5.00 off for 2 bottles, nothing is stated for 15.00 for three and so on. :(

  9. melissa says

    Kristy from Sycamore,
    I live in Sycamore also and have a rebate form you could have. Leave email so I can contact you.

  10. Julie says

    I found tons of rebates all over the bottles as well as on a sticky pad at a liquor store in Roselle, IL called Armanetti’s so maybe other semi-larger liquor stores have them inside as well.

  11. feelgood says

    Jewel ad (7/15-7/21) has a $2 man q on the last page. Final cost after coupon is $9.99…and hopefully another 10 % off wyb 6.

  12. Pam says

    At other forums I saw that Binny’s has them. Called the one in Algonquin and they had a ton of them. Went this afternoon and sure enough they are all over the store. Of course they have it on the Grey Goose which is retailing for $26 a bottle – NOT! While I love Gray Goose (and absolute), I’m not going to float that much cash right now.

    So, if you have a Binny’s close by or any other large liquor store, check with them. My local liquor store didn’t have the rebate but it’s a small one.

  13. Amber says

    I found 3 of the $60 rebate forms at woodman’s in Kenosha yesterday. I an going to use one for my mother-in-law.
    Anybody still need one?

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