Jewel’s official statement on ads


Here is Jewel’s official statement on the differing ads this week, and verification that they’ll be going back to normal:

Dear Jewel-Osco Customers,

Two weeks ago, Jewel-Osco re-grand opened 16 stores throughout Chicagoland, implementing some of the best in fresh standards that we feel you deserve with new programs, like our juice bars, designer cakes, and fresh, hot foods, and also programs that you know and love, like great prices on the items that you buy most every day without a card. We want your neighborhood Jewel-Osco to feel like your local farm stand, general store and corner drug store all in one. Because we are a “new” Jewel-Osco, we have an incredible opportunity to create stores for your neighborhoods, because our decisions are being made locally– sometimes right in your store.

At our 16 stores, in honor of the completion of their remodels, we decided to try something new. We sent thousands of households in the neighborhoods closest to those stores a special ad, showing great prices that were applicable to those new locations only.  When we made that move to celebrate the remodel’s completion, we decided to try a new concept, and only have the mailer ad apply to those stores specifically. Ultimately, that caused confusion with you, and for that, we’re sorry.

I heard you loud and clear, and want to do what’s best for YOU, our customers, and ensure that you leave our stores totally satisfied. Beginning next week, your Jewel-Osco ad will again apply to all of our stores.  We apologize for any confusion that we caused, but we do hope that you enjoy the special re-grand opening prices for our remodeled locations (see the list below!). Feel free to stop in and chat with your neighborhood location’s Store Director to discuss any questions that you may have.


William Emmons

President, Jewel Osco

Remodeled locations:

  • 21164 S. La Grange Rd, Frankfort, IL
  • 2501 W Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg
  • 944 York Road, Elmhurst, IL
  • 7342 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL
  • 1224 S Wabash, Chicago, IL
  • 153 Schiller, Elmhurst, IL
  • 370 N Des Plaines Ave, Chicago, IL
  • 1300 S Milwaukee, Libertyville, IL
  • 122 N Vail, Arlington Heights, IL
  • 440 E Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL
  • 1485 Palatine Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL
  • 4042 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL
  • 4734 N Cumberland, Chicago, IL
  • 45 Plum Grove Road, Palatine, IL
  • 423 E Dundee , Palatine, IL
  • 3400 N Western, Chicago, IL
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  1. says

    Oh, please, like they give a rat’s patootie (see Rachel, I didn’t swear!) about their customers. The complete cluelessness of having different ads in the same general area just boggles the mind. If I work in one suburb and want to stop at the Jewel near by on my lunch hour, I want to know that the sales are the same. Oh, but wait! I don’t think I’ll need to be shopping there anytime soon … thanks to Dominicks!

  2. April says

    After not shopping in jewel for a long time, I stopped by in villa park . It’s looked like an outdated dollar store. I remember how exiting was shopping there 3-4 years ago with all the Catalina’s going and all the great deals. Very sad

  3. Heather says

    Oh please! I don’t see the need to apologize. Stores do this all the time. Was it Ultra foods or something that was sending out a 1 page ad of prices good only at a certain location ( I only noticed it because I make a list of items to price match at Walmart and could not use those prices at the time). Why do people always have to find something to complain about.

  4. nancy says

    Well its frustrating…a newly remodeled Jewel open near me, however..the regular sales ad (which I no longer get, because that store has its “own specials) was told in order to get that sale price I would have to bring in paper…what? first I dont get the paper, the store no longer has the ads..most ppl write their list at home while looking at the sale ads…I was told to call tribune/redplum to try to get the ad including in my weekly ad paper…I believe they went thru this remodeling because they want to compete with Mariano’s which replaced the Dominics in my area…I do enjoy getting the coupons for free stuff and discounted items thru the mail..but I still want to look at the ad paper..I know prices vary at stores. also on the sales ad, down at the bottom, I was shown where it states the stores listed that DO NOT include the sale, like a disclaimer?…

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