Jewel ham coupon in Tribune

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Megan points out that there’s a $9.00 off holiday ham coupon (requires $20 purchase) on p11 of the front section of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune. Also look in-store — people on Couponers Wanted — especially Mrs. Piggy, who posted it first (thanks!) — are finding a buy a Cook’s spiral ham, get a free frozen Jennie-O turkey breast coupon near the Jennie-O. (Thanks, Michelle, for the clarification!) If you can find that in your store, this is a great deal with both coupons. I forgot to check at my Jewel today, but will be giving a look next trip.

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  1. michelle olson says

    Don’t quote me on this but I believe they talked about the free turkey when you buy a Ham in last weeks sale ad.. Thanks so much for letting me know about the coupon I off to go look through my recycling now!

  2. michelle olson says

    Just got back from Jewel and found the blue coupn by the Jennio Turkey Breast. The coupon states “Jennio frozen Turkey Breast FREE with purchase of Cooks Spiral cut Half Ham good thru 12/16/2009. Pretty AWSOME deal if you ask me! I’m wondering if the amount of the turkey will go twords the $20.00 I spend to get the $9.00 off the ham what do you all think??

    • says

      michelle — absolutely! I’m going to check it out today & see if I can find one of these coupons — awesome. Cook’s spiral cut ham is expensive stuff, but with both coupons, that’s a lot of food :).

  3. MrsPiggy says

    Just like to point out that MRS. PIGGY of CW is the one who associated the Free Jennie O coup with this! Thanks! 😉

  4. MrsPiggy says

    Also, I did this today and the total of both items was $5-ISH, did the GM deal with it.. paid with RR’s and spent $1.88 OOP! NICE TRIP FOR ME!!! :)

  5. MrsPiggy says

    N Thank you for adding me I feel LOVED! :)

    I have an extra if you haven’t found one…. although i don’t know how fast USPS would get it to ya! PM me on C-Dub if you wish for me to mail! I have also seen them in DP & AH Jewels don’t remember where you are… sorry if this is far for you!


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