Jewel, CVS, and everyone is competition shopping

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I was out all morning ferrying a kid to a dr. appointment, then stopped by CVS and Jewel after dropping him off safely at school since I was out anyway…


Six Wright sausage rolls, $15.00. Used three BOGO from the 3/30 SS and three $1.00/1 printables (no longer available).
2 Fresh Express spinach, $2.00. Used $1.00/2 printable from the Fresh Express salad swap.
Two 22 oz bowls watermelon, BOGO at $3.49.

Paid $9.35. Remember how I said it was just produce and milk this week unless a really great grocery deal popped up? The $.75 sausage rolls qualified. :)



Then I went to CVS for the milk part of this expedition — where, as so often happens, it was cheaper to buy all this stuff than to walk in and just buy a gallon of milk. So here’s the thing. We always hear about grocery store competition in the Chicago market, but I think it’s important to look more broadly at drugstores, dollar stores, and more. Did I want to stop at another store today after Jewel? Not so much. But, buying a gallon of store brand milk at Jewel while I was there anyway would have cost me straight up $2.57 + tax. Running into CVS on the way home got me name brand milk + several other things for literally half the price of the gallon of generic milk at Jewel.

Multiply that by the number of the people who might run into Jewel for just that gallon of milk and end up picking up other things while they are there (the milk being in the back of the store for a reason!)  — but instead are running into CVS or Walgreens to get name brand milk at the same price or better. No, it’s not just milk, but milk is a prime example of what I mean here.

Anyway… here’s what I bought.

Dean’s milk, $2.99.
4 Almay eyeshadow softies, $19.96. Used $3.00/$15.00 makeup from the magic machine and four $4.00/1 from the 4/13 SS.
2 Scope to Go, $4.98.
popchips, $2.00. Used $.55/1 printable.

Paid with $10 ECB and $2.28. Got back $10.00 ECB ($1.00 milk, $3.00 Almay, $6.00 Scope) to bring that down to net $2.28. Will get back another $1.00 from Ibotta ($.50 milk, $.50 popchips) for a net cost of $1.28 for the lot.

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    • says

      It is not bad — I got it at Ultra last time it was $.98 after coupon there and it seems pretty comparable to jimmy dean, maybe a little milder.

      I am changing the tablecloth again today, since SOMEONE (cough junior high guy) ate takis yesterday and wiped his bright red fingers all over it. This is why we can’t have nice things. lol

      • Charlotte says

        Speaking of tablecloths… I want a runner or two for my dining room table. Any idea where I can get some cheap? :)

      • erin says

        I didn’t know what takis were so I googled it. Kinda scary what came up. Is anything ok to eat any more?? lol.

        • says

          lol — they’re spicy! I find them disgusting, personally, but he loves them so I buy them (or the ALDI knockoff) occasionally — apparently everyone eats them at school which is where he was introduced to them a couple years ago.

          • erin says

            Thanks for the info. Also, not sure where to post, but it’s World Book Night and I was able to give 20 away! So much fun. Thanks for posting about it. Did many others get to give??

            • erin says

              Sorry must have seen it somewhere else(hip2save). Once a year (tonight) they give you 20 books to give away. They pick the titles to choose from and you apply to be one of the givers. Their website is This is the third year I’ve done it. They usually have the latest books with a few classics.

  1. LovinSavin says

    Thanks, this reminded me to get my Ibotta from the other day. The scope is hard to find. My CVS didn’t carry it.

  2. jane says

    The scope-to-go is hard to find at both CVS’s (hmmm…how is that spelled?) near me—the shelves are cleared each time I go to look. I felt a pang of envy when I saw it in your picture. ;(

  3. Cari says

    Have you tried the sausage yet? I clipped all my coupons to grab a few. We prefer turkey or reduced fat variety but would buy a few if they are tasty =D

  4. Cari says

    Earned my high value salad swap coupons…yeah!! But….they are good for a specific 10 day or so window. And now I can not enter any more codes till May. I need more $1/2….Grrr

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