I’m off — discuss amongst yourselves: What deals are you looking for

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Ok! I’m heading out to Bloomingdale to do a Coupons 101 Program — so while I’m gone this evening, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to comment with what you most want to find a deal on right now. We talked about this a bit on Facebook recently, but I thought over here more of you read and comment, and maybe we can help each other :)

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    • Melissa A says

      I am on the fast track now at Dominicks and for every point you get 30 cents off a gallon of gas. Don’t know if you do any shopping there, but I have been getting some good deals there and my JFU has actually been working, lol. So I am up to .60 already!

  1. Jennifer says

    I am looking for a good deal on a large quantity (at least 10) of exercise mats like the ones at Target that are 15.99 normally (not the cheapo yoga ones).

    Also looking for good deals on prepackaged snacks for a summer program where I’d like to keep the cost to 15cents per individual snack in the package…ie a package of 8 granola bars for $1.20 or less.

    • says

      Do the nature valley deals at jewel through tomorrow! Even the regular bars come out under a buck a box: They are priced at $2.99 each. So, buy four Nature Valley granola bars for $11.96. Use two $.50/2 from the 2/5 GM. Pay $10.96 and you should get back $2.00 and $5.00 OYNO, for a net cost of $3.96/4. Click Jewel at the top and you can see some of the other bars deals.

    • Bridget says

      Aldi has a sport mat in its ad for next week, starting 3/21. It is 14.99, only a buck cheaper than the reg Target price. Not exactly great but moving in the right direction.

  2. Ana says

    I am looking to replenish my stock of toilet paper. I remember the deal we got at Target with coupons inside the pkg. I also need more oxy clean.

  3. Diane says

    Toilet paper (preferably the thinner kind – the good stuff clogs my toilet), Tide, Peanut Butter, Cheerios, Prune Juice. Ivory Bar Soap, Lever 2000 Bar Soap, Polident, Paper Plates. Thanks!

    • says

      Did you get papers last week? If you want the thin stuff, free single roll Marcal at Woodmans, Caputo’s, Ultra, Strack with the $1.00/1 any product coupon in there. Oh and on prune juice, Sunsweet just put out new coupons: http://www.sunsweet.com/coupons.html and there were more in brochures near the Dominick’s pharmacy recently.

    • Jovandi says

      a few weeks back I “liked” them on facebook and got a B1G1 coupon
      on your next visit you can you servey on recept to get free fries

  4. Christine says

    Any ideas on how to get your a room free in Vegas during July 15-19? Plan on celebrating our 20th with the money I been saving with Mashup Mom’s awesome advice.

    • LauraL says

      Regarding free rooms in Vegas – If you don’t mind a 3 hour sales pitch, Hilton time shares usually provides close to free rooms.

      If you don’t want to do that, sign up for the total rewards club. You can usually pick up a room for under $30 bucks.

      • VB says

        I sat thru a time share presentation with 2 other family members so that we could get 12 5 day WDW passes for discounted price. In total we saved over $1000! This was great since i had unexpected charges at the rental agency.

  5. Lisa says

    Ground beef. This is one thing that I very seldom find a good deal on. Although, I am stocked on ham and roast thanks to Jewel!

  6. jenniF says

    Laundry det, fabric softener, toilet paper, paper towels. Anything really- where have all the good deals gone?

  7. Beth says

    Liquid Fabric Softener!!!!! I have a TON of dryer sheets in case of emergency, but I’m a liquid FS girl! I’m in panic, I only have like 2 bottles left, and then I don’t know what I’ll do! I haven’t seen a good deal on anything but Swivitel in forever!

  8. Diane says

    This may seem silly but – pancake syrup – almost out – I miss the amazing deals with the Jewel cats on regular prices!

    • Mandy says

      If you don’t mind off brand syrup, between sales of the name brand stuff, I bought a 24oz. bottle for $1 at Dollar Tree, Made in the USA, and my family says it’s good!

    • sunflower mama says

      There were several big 36 fl.oz. bottles of Aunt Jemima Original Syrup marked 50% off at Dominicks in Wheaton at Butterfield and Naperville Road intersection. It is tagged regular price $5.99 now 50% off. My receipt shows card savings $1.00, store coupon $2.50.

  9. Alicia says

    We’re heading to the Mall of America on Thursday, so I’m stocking up on all of the retail coupons I can get.

  10. VB says

    For those looking for Tide. I saw just today at cvs 75oz reg tide clearanced from $13.99 to $6.49. Im still good on tide so i left it.

    • Amanda says

      According to iheartwags, complete brand contact solution will be free after register reward again in a few weeks, well starting 4/22. They did the same deal a few months ago or so and I stocked up then. Be on the lookout for $1 off coupons too, I see them in inserts often.

      • Donna K says

        Re the Complete Multi purpose solution. The coupons have been available regularly on coupons.com as well. Keep an eye out. I’m glad to hear it’s going on sale at Wags again. I hope my expiration dates on my printed coupons hold out for it.

        I haven’t had to pay a dime on contact solution in well over a year.

  11. sue says

    Gift card deals would be nice…again! I was able to stock up on gas cards, restaurants, etc. and I am running low on my gift cards. The nice part is that you can use gift cards with coupons!

    • says

      sometimes — for instance, if you printed the free milk with 3 breakfast items from facebook or are getting the free milk catalinas from Dominick’s on the breakfast catalina, you can use those toward organic. They only go up to $4 or $4.50, but you will just have to pay the difference. Horizon often has printables on their site, and sometimes O Organic at Dominick’s will go on sale with an in-ad coupon or have coupons out.

  12. Jenn says

    Shaving cream, razors, Kleenex and toilet paper. (Can you tell I just went though the bathroom today?)
    Oh and has anyone tried Peapod? I was wondering if it was any good. Code ”truck” takes $15 off your first order.

    • Jamie says

      Ive tried peapod and loved the convience. Hip2save.com will sometimes have people post the current match ups too.

  13. Melissa A says

    Hi Rachel :)

    I’ve been couponing now for about a year and my stockpile is getting there. I probably have almost a years worth of toiletries, laundry detergent, and dishwasher tablets. But it is great to be able to come on here and just get some other peoples views too.

    OK – I see a lot of people commenting on toilet paper and I just stocked up on Charmin. So, I am curious . . . What would you consider a good stock up price?
    Dominicks just had it on sale . . . and there were coupons, too.

    I need a good deal on liquid fabric softener too. Mostly I am interested in other peoples price points. I’ve not started to stockpile fabric softener yet.

  14. JulieP says

    It would be so nice to see a coupon for Home Run Inn Pizza. We love them! I only buy them when they’re on sale, and even with a sale special, they are still pretty expensive.

  15. says

    That’s it for me tonight, guys! {yawn} — keep ’em coming and keep helping each other out. You guys rock :). I’ll start a post tomorrow when I’m more awake of some of the more commonly-requested items and current deals.

    • says

      Dangit! I was so busy I kind of missed Pi Day :)

      I’m also kind of reminiscent for my old iPhone — it finally needed replacing, but I originally got it on Pi Day, so always thought of it as my piPhone…

  16. Natalie says

    Baby stuff mainly, but everyday stuff like kleenex, toliet paper, etc. We are having a baby and have no baby things! Plus, I want to start trying to cut our costs enought to see if I can quit working after the baby comes.

  17. Christine says

    Paper towels, dishwasher detergent, toothbrushes. I can’t keep enough toothbrushes in my home. My kids think they are toys or something.

  18. Sarah says

    I only buy gas at speedway bc of their rewards program. I figure if you have to buy gas at least get something out of it. I have their gas card which comes directly out of your checking account which earns double points & when you buy $100 gf you get 1500 bonus points. Between my husband and I $100 is easy and it racks the points up quickly. I only use my points for gas rewards.

  19. Kyra says

    Those of you looking for diapers- CVS has pampers Jumbo packs on sale 2/$19. And if you spend $30, you get $10 ECB back. I, personally, bought 4 packs for $38.00. Used (2) $2 off coupons that I had on hand and (2) $1.50 off printables from coupons.com putting my total at $31.00, minus the $10 ECB and I’m at $21 for 3 packs of size 4 cruisers and a pack of newborn. I can’t remember how many, but it was less that .18/diaper. PLUS, the newborn swaddlers had $10 of coupons in it- but there was a $20 Shutterfly credit in there too. :) So, basically free. If you count all those extra coupons… :)

    • jen says

      that’s pretty good for diapers. I try not to spend more than $5 per jumbo pack. I’m hoping for a walgreens or target deal soon so I don’t have to mess with big OYNO/RR/ECB coupons though.

  20. sunflower mama says

    Had a fun, low cost day in Wheaton yesterday. First went to my favorite resale shop, Stars, located on College Avenue then to the award winning Wheaton College cafeteria, Cafe Bon Appetit, for all you can eat lunch for $9.25, then to Wheaton College Billy Graham Museum – first class museum and art gallery (make a donation if you wish), then to the Wade Center on Wheaton College Campus (free) to see J.R.Tolkin and C.S. Lewis stuff including the actual wardrobe that inspired The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe book. By the way, the C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters (book) is being preformed at College of DuPage(Glen Elyn, IL) this weekend. Go to screwtapeOnStage.com for more information.

  21. Connie says

    I’m looking for a couple things.

    1. One Touch Delica Lancing Device – I lost mine when my machine disappeared, and I have all of these lancets that only fit it!

    2. Nintendo Wii – I specifically want to buy at Target, but does anyone know if they do more than a $20 gift card with purchase? If so, I’ll wait until the next holiday (Easter) to see if they give any larger gift card deals.

  22. Deanna says

    ALDI !! Omg I just dropped an unprecedented $80 at Aldi last week. If your looking for something I’d recommend checking their price. Some things I do not buy there either because I prefer a brand or because I’ve tried and don’t like. ** remember they have guarantee if you don’t like product get refund and a free replacement **.

    TOILET PAPER 18 dbl roll 300ct sheets $6.99 = 20¢ single roll says safe for septic & seems comparable to Angel Soft?
    CANNED TUNA 55¢ to 59¢
    YOGURT 39¢
    MILK $1.77 this week
    TILAPIA frequently $6 for 2# bag
    WHOLE WHEAT BREAD no hfcs (comparable to Arnold) $1.69?
    42oz OATMEAL I wanna say $2.19
    CANNED BEANS blk, kidney, chili etc 55¢
    KITCHEN TRASH BAGS 80ct $4.99
    and this is all with no coupons and not waiting for a sale and one-stop! I was ambivalent at first with Aldi but am seriously very pleased. The produce prices go without saying. Although I have NEVER had any luck with their bananas for some reason. I really like being able to cross alot of things off my list at one store especially at the lowest price. Now if a sale comes up where I can get any of these staples somewhere else with coupon/ cat / sale then I can do that at the time. Gas prices being what they are I absolutely have to factor that into a trip. If it costs ne a dollar to save a dollar what am I saving?

  23. laurie b says

    I was wondering if you know of any online sites that have cheap ink for printer? I buy my ink at Staples but it is getting too expensive. Thank you!!

    • Nikki says

      Next week at Wags, there is suppose to be a $2 off store coupon for Listerine. Combine with a manufacturer coupon and you could have some cheap mouthwash!

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