Hy-Vee deals week of 9/4/13 – 9/10/13

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 9/4/13.

Hy-Vee top deals

Top deals:
Top Fuel Saver deals:
  • Build your own meat bundle $50 and earn $0.25 off of gas. Choose any 5 of the following:  2 NY Strip, 4 Amana bacon wrapped filets, Amana boneless chick roast, 8 ground chuck patties , ground chuck from the service case 3 lbs, 5 marinated boneless chicken breasts, boneless skinless chicken breast 3 lb, 4 chicken grillers,  10 special recipe brats or Italian Sausage,  5 Americas cut boneless chops, 5 boneless butterfly chops, 5 boneless stuffed pork chops, 10 twice baked potatoes, 10 boneless pork rib eye chops,  or 10 lb chicken hind quarters
  • Earn $0.10 off of gas for each item purchased $2.89 each: Baking Stone French Bread, garlic foil bread, Vienna Bread, Sicilian Bread or garlic crown bread
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