How to cancel Savings Club account

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A couple of you have commented lately about cancelling those free Savings Club accounts before you get billed. (I’ll be cancelling mine as well — it’s been nowhere near worth $3.00 a month, and I have a philosophical objection to paying for printables.) Don’t worry — I have posts already scheduled to remind you to cancel a couple weeks before the end of each free trial period I posted last year. But here’s how you cancel a Savings Club account, since they hide it.

How do I cancel my Savings Club membership?

Sign into your account in the upper right corner of

Once signed in, look in the upper right where it says “Welcome, YourName” and click the drop-down arrow on the right.

Choose “Account Setting” from the menu.

Scroll down to the Savings Club section of your account, and click “Contact Support.”

Put in your name, your email, and change the drop-down to “I want to cancel my Saving Club account.” Click the green Submit button bottom right. And that’s how you cancel your Savings Club account. You should get a confirmation via email when it’s cancelled.


Some people don’t have the “I want to cancel” menu option. I’m not sure why. Choose “I want to update my account” and type that you want to cancel in the message box. They will ignore whatever you say, and will also ignore the “I want to cancel,” and in both cases send you a generic email. Reply to THAT email and let them know you want to cancel. When I replied, they sent me a confirmation that I was cancelled within an hour.

However, it’s still showing Savings Club coupons in my account. So we’ll see if it actually does cancel at the end of the month (or the end of my free trial, which is around the third week of Feb.). I’m keeping the email just in case! Update — it did cancel at the end of January. I’m no longer seeing Savings Club coupons when I log in.

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      • Charlotte says

        I replied to the generic e-mail I got, stating I wanted to cancel, and got a response within the hour that my subscription has been cancelled. Wish they were this good with their customers when it comes to their website design…

  1. Sandy K-G says

    I too did not have the option to cancel in the drop down so I followed what Charlotte said. Hopefully I’ll receive the email to finish the process of canceling my account.

  2. Tami says

    I’ve clicked on it twice now and sent them a message to cancel and the emails I get in return are about how to print coupons. UGH!! They won’t cancel my acct. No idea what to do. Anyone else having this problem? The first time I clicked on “I need to update my member acct.” and in the comments section asked them to cancel it. The second time I clicked on “I have a question that is not on this list”. Still nada. Also now trying live chat for customer assistance and after clicking on that many times no “operator” answers. This is most frustrating or I am just missing something to get this to work.

    • says

      I got back the generic message and shot back an angry email in reply that I wanted to cancel — then got an email that it was cancelled. It’s still showing savings club coupons in my account, so I don’t know if it is just going to cancel at the end of my free term or the end of the month — so I kept the email!

    • says

      When the end of your free trial is up. I have posts scheduled before the end of each of the two free trials I mentioned here, but if you signed up on another one somewhere else, it would be at the end of whatever you signed up for.

  3. BethP says

    I clicked on the Live Help and she was able to cancel it for me very quickly. I immediately got a cancellation email. That might be the easiest way?

  4. Nikki says

    When I first went into my account, and followed their directions on how to cancel, I, too, did not have a ‘cancel’ option in the drop down menu, so I sent a message. I just received an email saying someone will answer my message in 2-3 days, despite their site saying ‘within 24 hours’.

    I logged in a second time, and there was the ‘cancel’ option in the drop down. If you don’t see it at first, log out and then log back in.

  5. cory says

    I can’t get someone to cancel I keep getting responses on how to change my profile and password. Really bothering me.

  6. says

    I was on their website and saw this
    “No. Effective May 30, 2013, we have halted any and all billings, so you won’t be charged again. You will be receiving a separate email notice from either TrialPay or Recurly (our payment processors) stating that your subscription with them has been canceled – but you will still be able to get premium Savings Club coupons through July 10, 2013.”

    So do we still need to cancel or is this something they are just doing away with?

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