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This was in reader deals, but let’s pull it out by itself. Most Jewel stores appear not yet to have Hormel Cure 81 half hams — I went to Villa Park and Lombard today with no luck, and Steve F. commented that only 2 out of the 5 Jewels he visited had it in stock. However, I’d suspect more stores will start to stock these as we get closer to the holidays, and we have a couple of weeks here.

  1. Hormel Cure 81 half hams are $3.99/lb. Look for the smallest hams you can find, running around $12-$14 each. Buy two.
  2. Use the BOGO store coupon from the booklet in today’s Chicago Tribune; also available in-store.
  3. Use two $3.00/1 manufacturer coupons from the Winter Feast booklet currently out in stores — the one with the roast on the front.
  4. Get two half hams for about $6-$8 after stacked coupons!

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  1. Kristen says

    Did this in Park Ridge twice! First time got two for $3 and some change and second time around got two for $1.92….they were small hams but I’m excited!

  2. jen says

    I was just thinking about this deal on the way home tonight. If you have a $5/$25 coupon, this would be an AWESOME deal. Here’s my plan:

    Buy 2 hams (about $12 each)
    Buy 1 homelife paper towel $1 =$25

    Use $5/$25
    Use BOGO
    Use (2) $3 coupons
    Use $1 Homelife coupon =$1 for everything!!! YIPPEE!!!

      • Cheryl says

        You are doing the same thing I did. Those are the bone in spiral hams. Look over in the other meat cooler with the prepackaged meat dishes like the Jack Daniels shredded meat and the smaller 81 cure Hormel boneless hams are there. Good Luck – my Jewel in Lockport had them tonight for the first time all week.

  3. Donna says

    My last two Jewel trips didn’t go well. Yesterday I found the hams ($9.35 and $9.80) in Hickory Hills. I had the B1G1 and two three dollar coupons. The two three dollar coupons were accepted but on the B1G1 only $6.35 of the $9.35 price was reduced. I was told that I could not get the $9.35 because the $3 coupon reduced the price of the ham.

    This morning in Countryside my $1 homelife coupon was not accepted for the paper towels. I was told that paper towels were not cleaning products but paper products.

    Struck out twice. Did I try to reason – of course. Just tired of the same old battles…..

    • says

      Call corporate. They are wrong. The manufacturer coupon is a form of payment — they get reimbursed that $3.00 so it’s just like you handing them 3 $1.00 bills to pay for the ham, it does not reduce the price of the ham.

      And the page with the cleaning coupon specifically SAYS paper towels on it :)

  4. Sandy says

    Jewel in Woodstock had a ton of the hams today, most were in the $11 or $12 range. Spent $5.50 for 2 and also was able to use the $5/25 in my basket. Got 2 of the free Old Orchard juices, thanks to your heads up with the $2/1 q. Thank you!

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