Home Run Inn Dock Sale tomorrow!

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Home Run Inn is having a Dock Sale! Well, two, actually, but one is tomorrow: Friday August 1 and Friday Sept. 26, 1:00-5:00 PM.

  • All sales are full cases (12) of the same flavor pizza.
  • 6″ Ultra Thin Thrift Pizzas, $20.00.
  • 6″ Classic Thrift Pizzas, $25.00.
  • 12″ Ultra Thin Thrift Pizzas, $35.00.
  • 12″ Classic Thrift Pizzas, $50.00.
  • 12″ Bulk Pack Pizzas, $70.00.

This is at the HRI HQ at 1300 Internationale Parkway in Woodridge, IL. Questions, 630-783-9696. Cash only. Details here.

I’m not sure I’d drive too far out of my way for these prices, but if you are in the area…

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  1. sophie says

    Have these prices gone up? I don’t remember what I paid last year, but this doesn’t seem like a good deal anymore. Especially with the long ride I would have to make to get there.

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