Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to Wags I go…

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Went out to pick up BBQ stuff for tomorrow at Jewel and Ultra (corn, pickles, onions, coleslaw, all that fun stuff…), which brought me right back past Wags. So I went in and got my $.87 back from being overcharged on the foil this morning (they were aware, they’ve fixed it). They did have signs up that they were substituting the other Nabisco crackers for the Crackerfuls… but of course were out of all of them already too. So did one more little transaction as long as I was there.

Ultra also had signs posted at all the registers not to accept the Miller “penny stuff” coupon out of the Jewel ad, lol!

Icy hot, $.99. Used $1.00/1 from the 5/1 SS, which involved yet another discussion and call to the manager about adjusting the coupon down the penny.
5 Ecotrin, $4.95 with in-ad coupon. Used five $1.50/1 from the 5/1 RP.
Illy Issimo coffee can thing, $2.00. (This says all over it: DO NOT SHAKE. Don’t you wonder..?)
Cheese stick, $.59 (to eat up the remaining $.55 overage from the Ecotrin).

Paid $.20. Got back $2.99 RR ($2.00 Illy, $.99 Icy hot). Up $2.79. Well, I guess, actually up $3.66 after my $.87 refund. :)

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  1. says

    The managers at my store will NOT reduce a darn coupon down — one of the cashiers checked out my partner today and just manually put in the $1. The other cashier wouldn’t and called the manager who says they will not reduce coupons down. Grrr!

  2. Deanna says

    Rachel I really love this picture. You know why?? The icy-hot looks HUGE!!! It look so much bigger than mine heehee

  3. Amanda S says

    So had another frustrating experience at my Wags tonight. Went in to get the Off clip on fans priced at 7.99. I had the b1g1 coupon and the coupon out of the June IVC book (no $2 off q for me.) When the cashier checked me out, she entered 6.99 instead of 7.99 for the b1g1 coupon. When I inquired about it (I was still polite at this point) she said because the IVC coupon was a $1, she could only redeem the coupon for 6.99. ?????????????????????????? At this point, there were 4 other people standing in line behind me, and she was more than willing to call the manager over (who is not the coupon friendliest person in existence, to say the least.)

    One call to corporate to verify that I’m not crazy and she should have taken 7.99 off, I go back in… and 25 minutes later and explaining it to the manager 3 different times, I leave with my $2.


  4. jackie says

    the 70sq ft foil was ringing 1.99 in my store. The 75sq ft (as listed in the ad) was ringing 2.79…..

  5. Lisa says

    Ya, I shook my illy coffee THEN read to “do not shake” LOL!!!! it’s pretty good though si I’ll buy more tomorrow.
    I bought 5 calcium is a great MM this week too if you can find it. Use the IVC (they had to price modify) and the $1/1 MQ spend $4 get back $10!!! Sweet deal on something I’ll actually use!

  6. Kristy says

    Yay! More aspirin that they pay me to take! I had a little verbal tussle with the manager at my Wags (I think I will quit going there, he was so rude for no reason), but I got my two bottles for $0.04 tax only. And I have that $5.00 rebate form that came out last May, so I’m making $4.96 on the transaction. Even if my FIL didn’t use the aspirin, I’d probably feel the need to buy it!

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