Healthy ALDI shopping

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Update — the answer is: $16.78 (including tax)! :)


OK, just for kicks, who wants to guess what the above trip came to at ALDI today? You see before you:

Gluten free chicken nuggets, $4.99.
5 lb red potatoes, $1.29.
24 oz fingerling potatoes, $1.49.
2 lb carrots, $.49.
2 packs 8 oz mushrooms, $.69 each
2 avocados, $.89 each
Organic baby spinach, $1.49.
Organic spring mix, $1.49.
Pint organic grape tomatoes, $1.99.

So, how much, what do you think? :)

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  1. says

    You guys are pretty good! Updated. :) I just thought it would be fun to play, because I was pleased with their produce prices this week. Get anything good yourselves lately?

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