Heads up — Recall on Meijer Falls Creek infant/toddler jeans

Remember those jeans everyone was getting for free at Meijer a while back with their $10 off denim when you bought a Meijer gift card deal? Well, there’s now a recall on certain Falls Creek infant and toddler denim jeans because the snap can come off and present a choking hazard — read more on the CSPC site here.

(Thanks, Deals in the Mitten)

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  1. Jolene says

    It says you can return for a full refund….. Do they give you the regular price back? Or the lowest sale price? (Assuming no receipt)

  2. Charlotte says

    Thanks for the heads up. This means I have to return all the jeans I got… :( Some still have tags on, but some already have holes in their knees. :P

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