Heads up on Zyrtec etc. allergy relief rebate

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Here’s a big heads up if you sent in for the the allergy relief rebate I told you about back in April from Zyrtec, Sudafed, Benadryl, Tylenol, Kleenex, Visine, Neosporin, and Simply Saline. Almost everyone who submitted for this rebate seems to be receiving denial letters saying that they “ran out” of gift cards — even those who sent in their receipts and barcodes during the first couple of days of the promotion.

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  1. julie says

    Wow, things are really getting strange on their site. First they tried making people happy by offering a $10 rebate check to those who complained on their site, but now are giving an 800 number to call for more information. If you call, they just apologize and aren’t even offering the $10 rebate check anymore.

    There are also some people reporting sending their rebates in early May that did receive them, but people who sent them in late April are getting denied. This tells me they either didn’t process them in the order received, which would be a big problem for a “while supplies last” promotion, or they are using some other method to determine who gets denied. I wonder if the ones who got the rebates used coupons, or if they bought more than $20 worth of items.

    Something is definitely fishy here.

  2. julie says

    WHo-Hoo!!!! Looks like the complaints and threats on their site to report them to BBB, PA AG and the FTC have gotten their attention. They are now saying sorry for the disappointment, and that they are going to honor all rebates mailed in by 5/24/14.

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