Half price burritos at Barbacoa — NOT HERE

I’ve been curious about this place! How about $10 for $20 at Barbacoa in Downers Grove?

Anyone tried it yet?

This is Barbacoa in Utah, not Barbakoa in DG. What the heck, Groupon? I am definitely looking at Chicago deals and it is giving me this — sorry guys.

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  1. Trish says

    I think this might be only in Utah? The location on the actual groupon is in Ogden, Utah and when I went to the company locations it was in and around UT.

  2. Kari O. says

    Interestingly the Chipotles in Utah turned into this Barbacoa. It was obnoxious. I bet they’re desperate for business and doing this Groupon to try to boost customers since real Chipotles have opened again.

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