It’s Giving Tuesday — share your RMH stickers for Ronald McDonald House


Let’s move from the Cyber Monday craziness over to Giving Tuesday with a reminder: If you’re collecting Rachael Ray stickers from Jewel, but figure you’ll just end up with one or two plates by the end, please consider joining in to pool them together to donate sets of dishes to the Ronald McDonald House in Winfield in Kathy’s name.

Members of Kathy’s forum will be collecting stickers, and I’ll gather any you have to spare here, to send over to them. You can mail any unused stickers to: Rachel Singer Gordon, PO Box 6931, Villa Park, IL 60181. (The Winfield RMH is set to open in 2015, and the dishes will be “purchased” before the promo ends and held for their opening.) Please try to get stamps to me by December 15, so I have time to get them to those purchasing the dishes — thanks so much!

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  1. Heather says

    Thanks for posting this! I will have two full cards of stamps probably in two weeks, so I will send them your way!

    • says

      Thanks! Please send them by the 15th — I’m going to collect them all together and send in to the person buying the plates shortly thereafter :)

  2. Tina says

    Thanks so much for doing this Rachel! Kathy was such a giving person and I just know she would be so proud of all of us pooling our little yellow stickers together to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

  3. Jen Ander says

    I bought all the kohls appliances last week with the intent to donate. Other than Goodwill, does anyone have a good suggestion? Or family in need?

    • Liz says

      I adopted a family that just got out of the shelter and they would love those things I got them furniture off craiglist got them Xmas presents and got them a little stock pile my daughter told me she want to help more people she already looking on craigslist for more furniture

  4. Abigayle says

    Love, Love Love!!!

    So…I work for McDonald’s and I know that lots of people here would like to help out, becasue we kind of love RMHC! I plan to spread the word and get a big envelope to you very soon.

  5. MamaHan says

    Do you prefer loose stamps so you can finish filling in cards that have already been started? I have a bunch I can send out to you soon.

  6. Abigayle says

    I don’t think I will be able to get my stickers to you in time. I tried to find the thread on Kathy’s forum but couldn’t locate it. Did they provide an address there that I could use for a late submission?

      • Abigayle says

        Thanks…It’s Abigayle21 but my account is still pending apporoval. If I don’t see anything from you in the next few days, I’ll reach out again.

  7. LauraC says

    I just dropped mine in the mail from our office downtown. Hopefully you’ll have them by Saturday. Mine is only the equivalent of 2.5 plates…

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