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And we roll on with our Tuesday of giveaways! This one is for you genealogy buffs, or any of you who have been thinking of researching  your own family history. It’s being sponsored by, which provides a single search interface for marriage, birth, divorce, death, and vital records. is a new site in the family history research space that aims to make discovering your family history more simple and affordable; its collection includes over 1.2 billion historical records. You can run a free search on their site to find records from several popular genealogy resources; if you wish to dig deeper, you can purchase a one-year full membership for $39.95. They also offer a 7-day free trial, which you’ll need to cancel before the trial period ends, otherwise you’ll be billed for the next year’s service. gave me a membership to test out and review their site. I liked their family tree builder tool, which allows you to add life events, pictures, and historical records. This lets you get a visual representation while also incorporating all the info you have available.

Nice features in the ancestor search allow you to search for the exact spelling of a family member’s name, or to search related spellings — especially in older records, misspellings and variations are common, so this allows you to search without manually trying to think of and type in every possible variation. An active community forum lets users connect, and you can also set up search alerts in which emails you with results when new information becomes available.

The giveaway

One Mashup Mom reader will win a FREE 1-year membership to, in addition to one-year memberships to Archives’ two partner sites: and

To enter, comment on this post through 11:59 PM CDT on Saturday 5/8/10. Let me know something interesting about your family history, or, why you’d like to research your family history.

One entry/comment per person, and U.S. entries only, please. If you are reading this through email, please click on the title of this post (up at the top where it says “Giveaway —…”) to go back to the blog. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and you will see a box to enter your comment — comment there to enter. Email entries will not be counted.

The fine print

This giveaway is sponsored by, who provided me with a year’s membership to the site, information about the site, and the free membership for the winner. The winner will be chosen on 5/9/10 through random number generation at

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  1. Stacy says

    My husband has been interested in this for awhile, but we just haven’t done it yet. He would like to find out more about his biological father’s side of the family (who he doesn’t know). This would be a great opportunity for him to do that!

  2. missb says

    Hi! I would love to receive this one-year membership. For the last month I have been helping my best friend find his birth mom, whom he’s never met. He’s 27 years old, and I’d love to be able to provide him some info on her. Thanks and good luck to everyone else too!

  3. says

    I’d love to research our family history. All family records seem to end when my great-grandparents came to America from Ireland, Poland, and some unknown Ukranian country. The families of my maternal grandparents dis-owned them when they married in 1920 because she was Catholic and he was Jewish. So I know very little about my family history. It would be great to learn more and pass that on to our kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Tina says

    I Would love to win this. My husband had been talking about Archives recently and how he would like to get a membership. It would be interesting to learn more about my mother’s family. She is American Indian and when she was growing up, they were forbidden to talk about being Indian. We have no idea what tribe or anything, but have always been interested.

  5. says

    I, along with my immediate family, are so very interested in researching our ancestry. I have done some research but this would offer us an even greater opportunity to complete our “tree.”

  6. adrienne says

    Oh, this would be so fun!! I don’t really know much at all about my family. Sad, but true.

  7. lisa patrone says

    I would love to research my family!! I have always been told “your great grandparents came over on the boat”

  8. Tom says

    Great site… I am adopted and trying to locate by birth family… so far this has been a great tool… would love to win a year memebership!

  9. Rheanon says

    I have always wanted to research my background and my husband’s background. It would be nice to find out where my husband’s great-grandparents all came from so I can tell my kids one day what nationalities they are!

  10. Karen says

    My husband and I both know very little about our ancestry, and, since many have passed away, it’s difficult to get the lineage detail we need to pass along to our children. This would be a great help!

  11. Julia says

    Something interesting about our family… ok, rumor has it that we had a giant in our family who was part of a circus!

  12. Felicia says

    A few years ago, I promised my grandmother I would find where her 6month old baby was buried. He died in Chicago, 1956 and sent by train to San Antonio for the funeral and burial. It was not uncommon then to not keep record of baby burials. My grandmother is 84 and through the years, forgot where he was buried. While searching, my mother-in-law got me into geneology. I LOVE it. What I found out is that my family originated in Mexico but it is now San Antonio TX. That area was acquired by the US in the Mexican-American war. It has made things very confusing :)

  13. Sharon says

    I would love to find out where my family is from. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  14. dani says

    My daughter just finished a family tree project and I just wished that we had more information to share with her because of her interested in history. I think that she would love to continue her research and get more info…..

  15. jennifer says

    I would love to research my family history. I never met my dad all I know is his name. It would be nice to know another side of my family!

  16. Donna C says

    We just discovered we inadvertently named our son after his grandfather’s great-grandfather. How cool is that?

  17. Susan says

    I would love to find out more about my family history to share with my kids. We know two generations back and that’s all. Thanks.

  18. says

    My family is from Italy and didn’t come to America until 1918. On my husband’s side he is both a son of the American Revolution and a son of the Confederacy.

  19. Donna says

    We are homeschooling and have quite an interest in history and geography. We know a little about our background, but would love to know more.


  20. Tiff says

    Would like to know more about my dad’s family history. He does not remember much and we would like to know more.

  21. Katie Gnade says

    I would love to win the one year membership to Archives. I have been enjoying genealogy for the past six years. I’ve discovered that all passengers through Ellis Island, with my husband’s last name, and originating from Holland are directly related to my husband’s great grandfather.

  22. WC Gardener says

    We just finished doing a family tree for my son’s 3rd grade class project. We found out that we can trace our family back 6 generations to Ireland. I had Uncles who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil War. Would love to do more research on them.

  23. Jodi says

    I have been interested in my family history for some time. I started working on a ancestry project to pass down to my children, but am having a horrible time trying to get info on my husband’s side. Very sad that I can trace back to Europe, but can only get 2 generations back on his side. Would love to see if this new site can help!

  24. says

    This sounds great. I am just getting back to researching my family. I just bought an updated version of Family Tree Maker, and am really disappointed. sounds great!

  25. Laura says

    I would love to find my grandmother and grandfather who came over on “the boat” at 16 and 18 respectively and they never returned to their country after coming to the US. Neither of them ever saw their parents again! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  26. Belinda says

    My husband’s family is from Finland- which has made research very difficult. My family is tricky only because the ancestors seemed to pro-create rather often!

  27. Nadine Beckman says

    My grandparents on my father’s side both came over from Ireland… one died before I was born and one when I was two. My father died when I was young and I want to learn something about that side of my family to get a better idea of where I came from….

  28. Melissa says

    Genealogy has been a passion of mine since elementary school and in the 25 years since have wished I had better access to records at a reasonable price. This would be awesome and I’d love to explore this new source!

  29. Krista says

    Frankly, my sister is an archive junkie. She even does it as a ministry at church. I would LOVE to give this to her!

  30. Mary says

    I have done this with I completed my husband’s father side. It was a very time consuming process. I love to do it and started watching Who Do You Think You Are. I was thinking about getting back in to it and try my Father side again. This would be great. Very Nice Price as well. Thanks.

  31. Karen D says

    My mom has already completed a lot of the legwork with our family history, I’m thinking about 5 generations so far. What a great way to consolidate all of her hard work and have a wonderful memory for our own children and grandchildren. This would be wonderful to have for our family reunion next year!

  32. Carrie says

    I just found out my great grandmother was a twin (boy/girl). I have boy/girl twins so now I’m curious if twins run in the family or if it’s just a coincidence. I’d also love to see how far back I can find relatives. We know nothing of the family who came from Ireland during the famine.

  33. Christi says

    I am a total mutt and I would love to learn more about where my roots really came from!

  34. shirley says

    I have found some out about our families, nothing special to anyone but us.I have wanted to do more, but waited because of the cost, for a way longer. A membership to Archives would be so nice.

  35. Laura says

    Before my grandfather passed, he researched all of that side of our family. I’d love to find out more about the other side of my family and my husband’s family. I want to make sure that my daughter knows “where she came from.”

  36. Cheryl says

    Now that I am a mom, I realize the importance of knowing your heritage. I didn’t appreciate my father or grandparents while they were with us, and I’d like to make up for it by being able to piece my family history together myself.

  37. Heather D says

    I would love to know more about my husband’s heritage. Our last name is Daley and I would love to find out if way back in Ireland Major Richard Daley of Chicago is a long lost cousin!

  38. Cindy says

    I would love to win this. This would help out with 4H projects!! With all the people in my family getting older I would like to find out more about where we all come from!!

  39. Erica says

    I would like to learn more about my dads family history. Since he was adopted we don’t know much about it.

  40. Pam Hager says

    I’d like to research my family history in hopes of finding at least one normal sane person.Cause all the family members i know don’t fit that catagory

  41. Kristy U says

    There are a lot of pretty far-fetched stories regarding my family’s history….how and why they came to America, what happened once they got here. I’d like to win this so I could separate the fact from the fiction.

  42. Katharine says

    I’d love to try this site out, it would sure help clear up some of the brick roads I’ve been hitting finding my great aunt.

  43. melissa says

    I’ve done a lot of research on the internet on my family’s history and found that one of our ancestors came over on the Mayflower!

  44. Jessie says

    Last year my husband and I went to Germany to visit with some of his extended family. While we were there a cousin of his took him through a family tree that dated back to the 1800’s. This experience really made me wonder about where I came from. There has been little research done on my side of the family and I would love the opportunitiy to start the process so my son will know his history from both sides of the family

  45. jane says

    I would love to win this. My sister is really interested in our family history, so it would be fun to share this with her.

  46. Nancy says

    My mother passed away when I was eight (I am now in my forties). It pretty much destroyed my family. Almost all the family members on her side severed ties to our family. I know so little about my mother’s side and would love to know more.

  47. Ed says

    I’ve always had an interest in geneology but never wanted to pay to join any of these sites so I would be thrilled to win a membership.

  48. says

    We have been searching the Ellis Island records for my Nona. We want to know how old she was when she passed. We think she was much older than she told us! My Dad would love to know more about his family. I would like to find my family in Italy as well.