Geeky Groupon makes me smile 10/4/10

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One of today’s Chicago-area Groupons for 10/4? Check the side deals over on the right, where you can pay $10 for $20 worth of merchandise at American Science & Surplus! I see a field trip with Mr. almost-8 in our future…

Online deal, again

Another side deal on the right, you can again pay $10 for $20 of stuff on This is an online deal, so you can buy wherever you live.

And on a totally unrelated note

At the top of Groupon today I saw a link to apply to write for them — how fun would that be? I’ve seen them advertise for at-home writers before, but this time they’re looking for someone full-time in their Chicago office.

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  1. Lisa says

    The American Science and Surplus can only be used at the Milwaukee Ave location… Bummer!! We love going to the one Rt 38.

  2. Becky says

    actually, I think writing for Groupon would be tough and I bet the deadlines are killer! I know some people in the local newspaper business.

  3. Michelle says

    The one on 38 is in Geneva, just west of DuPage Airport. I THINK it is east of Kirk (but I could be wrong, it is right in that area). Bummer about only the Chicago location.

  4. says

    I met Groupon’s managing editor at the most recent ChicagoNow tweetup. He said they have a LOT of writers on staff, like 28 or something? Sounds like they are all in their early 20s which gives me the impression that the pay is lousy. Note, that’s conjecture on my part, lol, but I’m probably right.

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