Fruit photobomb shopping

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I may need to rename him Benedict Cumbercat

Stopped quickly by Pete’s Market today — will do a bigger produce-oriented shopping trip this weekend after they’ve devoured this batch of strawberries! And, doh: Do you guys do this? I bought the halos, pulled out my receipt, pulled out my phone, and got all ready to redeem the halos Ibotta offer… and yeah, of course Pete’s is not a participating store, doh. That’s one thing I really don’t like about them. :(

Halos clementines, $3.98. Used $.50/1 in the 2/23 SS.
Lemon, $.39. Huh. These were marked 5/$1.00 — that’s not right.
2 packs strawberries, $1.96.
Orange, $.64.
Bananas, $.48.
Meat ends, $1.71.

That’s $9.82.

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  1. Jane says

    OMG I thought the meat ends was a whole fish! I was thinking that is why we see the cat in the picture! You kill me.

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