Free Vick’s and Puffs at Walgreens

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Over at Walgreens, they sell Vick’s VapoDrops cough drops at $.99 each. These can be found by the cough & cold stuff or by the register, and not all Walgreens carry them. So here’s what you can do:

  1. Pick up the Sunday Chicago Tribune as early as Saturday morning 2/26. Why? It contains a coupon for FREE Puffs tissue wyb any Vick’s product.
  2. The last P&G inserts (1/16 and 1/30) both contained a coupon for $1.00 off ANY Vick’s product. These both expire 2/28, so you only have through Monday to use. Note their new wording says “four per transaction.”
  3. So… buy yourself four Vick’s VapoDrops and four Puffs tissue. Use four $1.00/1 Vick’s coupons and four free Puff’s wyb Vick’s coupons. Get eight free products!
  4. Note that their official coupon policy says that they will adjust down the coupon — so your $1.00 coupon for the $.99 item should be adjusted down to give you the item free without overage. Not all Walgreens realize this, so you might want to carry a copy just in case.

(Thanks, Couponing for 4!)

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  1. like2save says

    So let me make sure I understand this correctly – the “FREE Puffs tissue wyb any Vick’s product” coupon applies to the Puffs and the “$1.00 off ANY Vick’s product” applies to the Vicks?

    • says

      Yes, the $1 coupon applies to the VapoDrops and when you buy that you are purchasing a Vicks product which entitles you to get the free Puffs.

      The last time they ran this coupon (over a year ago), no one at Wags could find these suckers. I finally found them on a top shelf where they had been stashed because no one had any idea why they had come in. They are small boxes that look exactly like (and probably are) cough drops.

  2. dani says

    Starts Sunday.

    Did get a paper this am? can you tell me what the free puffs coupons states….is there a $ limit? thanks.

  3. dani says

    Rachel….does your site have an option to go back into comment and revise? If not, have you thought about adding that feature?

    revised comment above…

    “did anyone get a paper this morning”

  4. says

    Well got my Hoy paper this morning and no Puffs coupon . Their nwas 1 SS but a smaller version but was hopiung for 1 . Been at Target so many times have no pep to check if Walgreens even carry those cough drops .

  5. says

    I did this deal this morning. The Vicks VapoDrops were next to the register with the candy–hard to see! They were on sale for 2/.79, so my fourth Vicks coupon wouldn’t scan. I was in a hurry, so I just added a 5th pack of Vicks to my pile, he scanned the coupon, and I ended up with 4 Puffs and 5 VapoDrops for .99. The extra pennies (some of it tax) were worth it to me. :) Lots of colds in our house right now.

  6. Kristy says

    I was at 4 different Wags today stocking up on Pampers and I couldn’t find the VapoDrops anywhere! Didn’t check by the candy at the register, though…

  7. Dawn says

    I did it today and it worked like a charm! The vapo drops look like a pack of gum and are with the candy. Just an FYI if anyone is looking for little bags like I was. :)

  8. vicks and puffs says

    I went in to do this and made a rookie mistake, I guess. Found the vicks for $1 so was all set with 4 vicks 4 puffs and 8 coupons for those. Problem is I also had 2 Welch’s juices for which I had 2 coupon a piece(A wags and a manufactures)…so 12 coupons total for my 10 items…oopps! Didn’t realize until I got home that I was right about my puffs/vicks coupons being fine. The manager told me I couldn’t use the vicks $1 off and BYGO at the same time. WRONG. It beeped b/c I needed 2 filler items. Right?

    • says

      If you mean you got the welch’s with two manufacturer coupons and the $1.00/2 from the march booklet, you’re ok. The buy vick’s get free puffs beep because they are looking to be sure you bought the puffs — they should have pushed them through.

      • vicks and puffs says

        Yes, that is exactly how I got the Welch’s. So, I had 10 items and 11 coupons…do the Walgreens coupons add to the number of coupons I can use vs. the number of items I buy? Paid $4 for those vicks…and took home my $4 worth of vicks coupons b/c the manager didn’t know =(

        • says

          No. The 11th coupon was a STORE coupon (the one out of the monthly book). For example: Today I bought colgate toothpaste by itself in one transaction with the $.75/1 mfr coupon and $1.00/1 store coupon from the diabetes and you booklet. One product, two coupons, but one is a Wags coupon and they went through fine. The coupon beeped because it is making sure they check that you bought the vicks. They should have pushed it through.

          • vicks and puffs says

            Got it, thanks! As far as the vicks/puffs…The manager insisted my coupons were both manufacturers for the vicks. Buy one vicks get the puff free AND $1.00 off vicks…said they were both for vicks…so a no no. I love using coupons…but hate that you have to battle for it at times.

  9. i love deals! says

    Ok I’m still a newbie here. Can anyone tell me where I can find the “Pree Puffs WYB Vicks” coupons? THANKS! You ladies are such a source of inspiration!!

  10. Sandy says

    Did this deal on over the weekend and it worked great.
    I have leftover 4 – save $1 on any One vicks Vapo Product expires 9/30/11
    These were given away in P&G inserts inside Pampers boxes.
    I was going to put them on my local freecycle but I figured my
    friends here might better appreciate!
    You’ll just have to arrange pickup from me in Midlothian.
    contact me

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