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Why yes, I have been to Target twice today. This morning’s trip was kind of a mess with missed coupons and missed products and gift cards not printing and by the time I got home I was too tired to decipher everything and post it for you, but I picked up the Purina ONE cat food deal and Metamucil deal, plus Park’s Finest hot dogs and some other random food items, spent about $40, and got back $10 in gift cards. The children’s Zyrtec at Hillside this morning was $19.03, so I decided to buy it at Lombard instead tonight for $17.99. Both stores were wiped out of Green Giant veggies, so will try for those at a later date. Here’s the trip:

Johnson’s baby powder, $1.97. Got 20% off on Cartwheel, used the $1.00/1 Johnson’s baby Target coupon here (enter sweepstakes then click on coupons), and $.75/1 Johnson’s baby manufacturer coupon here.
3 Dove ice cream bars, $8.97. Used three $1.50/1 store coupons and three $1.50/1 manufacturer coupons.
4 EAS powder packs, $5.16. Used four $3.00/1 coupons from the 5/11 SS, which scanned beeplessly.
Two children’s Zyrtec 24 ct, $35.98. Load 20% off Zyrtec dissolve tabs on Target Cartwheel and used two of the $3.00/1 12 ct+ Zyrtec item Target store coupons here (enter sweepstakes, then click on coupons link to print) and two $4.00/1 manufacturer coupons in the 6/8 SS.

Paid $9.78 with this morning’s gift cards.

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  1. Krystle says

    Click sort coupons by “newest”. This helps me find coupons faster on Targets website. especially for Hot/New deals that pop up on Sunday mornings.

  2. Andi says

    Where are you finding the EAS powder singles? I’ve not found with other EAS products in two different Target stores. Grr…

    • says

      They were in a tiny cardboard box on the bottom shelf by the single nutrition bars, not by the other EAS products. Lombard had about 15 when I was there last night, and Hillside was wiped out, just a lonely empty shelf tag.

  3. Nancy says

    The ice cream bars were not on sale or price drop at my Target. The snickers were $4.19 and the Dove were $3.54.

    • says

      This was the everyday non-sale price and can vary by store when not advertised — if you are at a city target it will probably be higher :(. They were $2.99 at one of my stores and $3.04 at the other.

  4. Mollie W says

    My Target in Golf Mill Niles was out of Dove bars so I took my coupons over to Meijer where they were 3.29. So .29 for Dove bars is not too bad.

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