Free aquariums (aquaria?) today only


Here’s one from Pookie:

Petsmart issued a manufacturer coupon for $25/1 Marineland Aquarium. This coupon expires 12/31/2013

Petsmart has the tanks as low as $10.99 with your Petperks card, so that’s $14 you can apply to other items in your cart such as decorations or food.

Petco has some Marineland tanks as part of their $1 a gallon promo. So a variable Mm with overage to apply to your cart as well.

Meijer has them starting at $19.99, so free with this manufacturer coupon. Meijer doesn’t pay overage, it autodeducts down to the item price.

Aquarium Adventure had them as low as $15.99, so a $9 mm with overage to apply to other items ymmv not all cashiers there allow overage.

I honestly don’t know the pet stores’ overage policy, so ymmv on that part.

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  1. mark says

    Okay im a novice….so this can be used other places than petsmart? Online? I realize its a man coupon. Idont hve petsmrt near me but a petco.

  2. Meg says

    I tried this but all they had was for 39.99 and above. The one showing as $13.99 online is totally a different brand at the store.
    I never got the chance to go else where.

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