Essential Everyday — products you like, products to avoid?

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So I thought it would be fun, now that we’ve all tried out some Essential Everyday products at Jewel (or our local SuperValu-owned equivalent) with the $1.00 coupons in two sets of summer booklets, to talk about the ones we’ve liked — and the ones we’ll avoid in future. I’ll start :)


photo.JPG photo.JPG

Whole cashews. They gave us a couple of products to try out at the SuperValu visit last week, and I brought home this canister. Go for the name-brand — as you can see, these were 90% NOT whole cashews once we popped open the container, and were not the best quality.

  • We did try both the regular and honey roasted peanuts, though, and those were fine — so it’s probably just the “fancier” nuts.

We also didn’t care for the fruit snacks, which were, for lack of a better word, grainy.

To try

  • Ingredient beans — I’ve gotten kidney and cannellini, and my chili isn’t any different…
  • Instant oatmeal — Got some sort of cinnamon swirl kind, which is a kid hit.
  • Liquid water enhancers — this came in the BBQ kit from the Jewel grilling favorites giveaway (be sure to enter!), and MashupDad is now a huge fan.

So how about you?

Share your Essential Everyday hits and misses here so we can decide what to get with the new $1.00 coupon in the new Fresh Summertime Fun $10 booklet. :)

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  1. Shari says

    Keepers: Boil in bag white rice, shortbread fudge stripe cookies, “Cheese-it” like crackers (my son said there better than the name brand), Oyster crackers, Frozen Cheese Ravioli

    Avoid: Frozen Buttermilk waffles (my son said they were to crunchy and tough).

    • Rebecca says

      We buy the blueberry waffles from no on. I agree they do cook fast, and if you don’t watch them, they’ll get over cooked and hard quickly.

  2. Lori says

    The saltine crackers are on sale for 2.00, so just 1.00 after the coupon. Also, the marinades were on sale last week and the one for steak and chops was pretty good.

  3. Kay says

    I’m commenting here so I can get updates to this topic!

    I bought beans, ketchup, mustard, english muffins, bread and cheese so far. Tried none yet. I can’t tell the difference between ketchup & mustard anyway, so I buy cheap.
    i bought the sliced cheese – with coupon was $1.61 for 8 oz, so not bad. It’s for sandwiches.
    I have bread & english muffins in the freezer (not EE brand) from a previous sale so will eat those first.

  4. pam says

    avoid: their fruity o’s (their version of fruit loops) awful tasting, flavor isn’t fruity and theres no sugar coating on. we can’t even tolerate eating them theyre so bad

  5. says

    rice, dry beans, pork and beans, munster cheese

    Haven’t tried anything yet that was bad, most items have been okay or quite good.

  6. tg16girl says

    We tried the pop-tarts…we couldn’t finish the box. They had a chalky taste. The Essential Everyday Croutons were my son’s favorite! He wants to eat them out of the package! : )

    • bigmoney says

      Family liked the berry toaster pastries fine; s’mores still sitting on the shelf 1/2 eaten – usually the candy ones are gone first. DS also isn’t liking the dijon. He said it didn’t taste right – more like regular mustard than dijon. And he goes through LOTS of it. Natural applesauce seems ok. Granola bars, crunchy & chewy, both good; sweet & salty not so much.

  7. Susan says

    We’ve tried quite a variety of EE items and have been satisfied with everything we’ve tried so far:

    canned beans, bought several varieties but have only tried the black beans
    canned green beans
    canned corn and carrots, haven’t tried them yet but we’re not picky about our canned veggies
    rice, bought both white and brown but have only tried the brown
    soda crackers
    graham crackers
    cheeze crackers (like “cheeze-its”) the kiddo likes them a lot
    pasta, bought several varieties but have only tried the tri-color rotini
    frozen strawberries
    canned tuna, haven’t tried it yet but canned tuna is canned tuna, ihmo
    vanilla sandwich cookies. These are just as good as the golden Oreos.

  8. Holly Samlan says

    Bought & used: All were just like the brands I have previously used
    Whole wheat pasta
    Long grain rice
    Dry black beans
    Brown lentils

  9. Mandy says

    We liked the graham crackers, and the marshmallow chocolate cookies, although the coating seemed more toward the dark chocolate flavor. I wanted to return the white bread as it tasted very sweet and was what I consider gummy wet! Yuck! Husband hates waste, so, ate it in his sandwiches, but, I would never buy it again! It even seemed gummy when I toasted it. The Muenster cheese slices were okay, but, mostly rubbery and tasteless to me. Mustard and kidney beans were OK.

    • ellen says

      i didnt care for the bread either. you are right. too sweet and very gummy. we love the chocolate pinwheel cookies.

  10. Amber says

    The sesame ginger marinade is amazing. Sliced beef super thin (Korean BBQ style) marinade all day pulled out 1/2 hour before grilling to bring to room temp and then grilled 30 seconds each side. So flavorful and delicious. Not salty at all.

  11. Suzanne says

    The sesame ginger marinade is good, we also liked the vanilla wafers ,croutons, ranch dip(packets) and canned beans.

  12. jen says

    the garlic bread loaf and vanilla wafers are good. my kids ate the graham crackers also. i don’t care for the toaster pastries, but my kids seem to love them (they’ve never had real pop tarts though). We also didn’t care for the frozen breakfast sandwiches and waffles

  13. Matt says

    They have an Everyday Essentials 22 oz. refrigerated pudding, which is $1.49 after coupon. I’ve tried the Tapioca and Chocolate. I like the fudge wafers a lot, but they are very addicting.

    I don’t care for the EE fake Rice Krispies.

  14. Su says

    My absolute favorite is the Essential Everyday Liquid Water Enhancer ENERGY Cherry Limeade. OMFL! I’m thinking of freezing it and making popsicles.

  15. Nay says

    As for the reviews of the Everyday Essentials: Heads up on the EE Dish Detergent Power Packs (the look a likes for Cascade power packs) The EE do not actually have the gel rinse aid in the backs of the packets. They have the powder portion but the backs of the packets are just colored blue and do not have any gel liquid in them… tricky, tricky! As for success stories our house is a fan of the EE home-style and chocolate chip waffles, and the EE Almond milk is good (The price is ok when there isn’t a deal on the Almond Breeze)

  16. bbock says

    The tapioca pudding has hard little casava pieces. It was not properly hydrated. Awful product. I’ve never had this issue with Cozy Shack, the gold standard for Tapioca Pudding.

  17. jon says

    my store will be changing over to Essential everday very soon. im really happy about this because i feel it be better then the store brand we have now

  18. KarenZ. says

    I just tried to make just your basic cream cheese frosting for some pumpkin cake with Jewel Brand/Essential Everyday Powdered Suger and it tastes like crap. First batch was bad, so I made another thinking I added too much Powdered Sugar the first time….NOPE!! Second batch was just as disgusting. This suger tasts like saccharine or some fake sugar. I’m so mad, as I ended up using twice the amount of ingredients and I still don’t have the delicious cream cheese frosting I’ve made so many times before for the cake that was supposed to go to work with mu hubby this morning. Going back to jewel.

  19. Suzann says

    For the sesame ginger marinade try replacing with Ken’s sesame ginger soy
    dressing . I add Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce and a little ginger powder. Throw in a freezer baggie and let it go. The last time Ken’s was a $1.19 and there were
    $1.00 coupons,I price matched and loaded up at Walmart.

  20. Matt says

    I have cooked “fancy” meals using these products and they taste high end quality, if you can’t take cheap ingredients and make restaurant quality food….that’s your problem, bad cooks cover it up using over priced pre seasoned food.

  21. Echo Dean says

    Though many of the Everyday Essential products are farely good, not as good as the regular name brand items, but still not bad. I have found that the pasta side dishes they offer are for lack of better term, nasty, I would rather spend the extra money on name brand items that my family will eat than waste money on the Everyday Essential pasta.

  22. Eric says

    I recently purchased a bag of Everyday Essential Ranch chips. As I was finishing off the bag I noticed a few dark clumps of something in the bottom of the bag. It disgusted me so much I tossed it all out. It seemed like it may have been chunks of the cooking oil or spices that gunked up on the assembly line and fell into the mix along the way somewhere. Total lack of QA on these products. You get what you pay for I guess. Lesson learned. Back to name brand for me.

    • Chris says

      Why do EE Dry roasted sunflower seeds have sugar in them? That tastes like total crap. What the hell?

  23. Robin says

    My family did not prefer the EE toaster pastries. My husband and son liked the saltines over the name brand. However a big no to the EE cheese-like dip product in the glass jar. Extremely salty, tasted more artificial than the name brand (if you can believe that LOL!), didn’t melt, and when we tried to heat it up like the jar instructions stated, we heard popping noises and saw sparks flashing in our microwave while we were heating it up! Needless to say we had to go without cheese on our soft pretzels that day! : (

    • guillermina says

      yes it is, but if you have a septic tank thethinnest scratchy one is the only one you should use or have your tank pumped. i’ll bet you a hundred bucks if you bought it at shaw’s,and called it to the attention of the store administrator, she would buy you a 4 roll pack of what you like,as a thanks for calling it to her attention. I find it that shaw’s really cares that you are happy with everything you buy. if you aren’t happy neither are they.

  24. guillermina says

    the everyday essentials laundry detergent is excellent (Best “free/clear’ detergent i’ve tried, and the unscented fabric softener sheets are better than bounce or snuggle free/clear) I am very picky on detergents and got this one by accident, i first tried it and was amazed. i used to use tide, cheer, or era free/clear, grabbed ee by mistake. era is still a little bit cheaper,but ee cleans even better. as for dryer sheets I use no other brand. everyday essentials is a little more expensive than other store brands but worth it. Also at shaw’s try their super chill diet sodas. shockingly they are better than any soda made by coke or pepsi or dr. pepper /seven up. Worth it even when coke and pepsi is on offer for less. these brands are available at shaw’s here in new england . I live in Maine and go to shaws because everyday essentials are superior to all other brands even when the brand name one is cheaper. Plus shaw’s will cheerfully refund your money on everything in the store if you are not satisfied, no questions asked. try that one at walmart or hannaford just because you are not satisfied. Shaw’s backs up every item they sell, and the no-gimmick guarantee is very simple. Either you are happy or you get your money back. Yes, shaw’s is the most expensive but you get what you pay for, GUARANTEED

  25. Joni says

    AVOID Natural Pepper Jack Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapeno Peppers. Cannot taste any jalapenos….bland….no different than plain Monterey Jack cheese.

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