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I was invited to be an Easy Organic Living Challenge blogger by the Easy Organic Living program, co-hosted by BabyCenter and Healthy Child Healthy World and sponsored by Stonyfield. The community is hosting four organic living challenges, and the first was “Save a dollar here, shift a dollar there.” I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this (darn life!), but you can read about my first foray over here — and here’s what I’ve bought since — All at CVS, hmmmm:

  • Bought Physicians Formula organic wear mascara at CVS for better-than-free on an ECB/coupon deal. Win! I don’t usually wear mascara because it hurts my eyes after an hour or two, but I do when I attend conferences/present/etc. This one seems much more gentle, my eyes felt a lot better, and I’ll be looking to buy it from now on.
  • Bought Method detergent at CVS on clearance for $2.50 with a $1.00 coupon I found at Dominick’s. This, I haven’t yet tried, but am curious to see how it works (and love the tiny bottle).
  • Bought Honest Tea at CVS for free after coupons/ECB yesterday. Not a fan — it’s all sugar-sweetened (at least what was available at CVS), and I prefer my tea unsweetened. Mr. 4, however, is quite enjoying it.
  • My friend gave us a box of Nature’s Path organic toaster pastries. You know what’s sad? Mr. 8 liked them a lot. I tried them, and all I could think was “These taste nothing like pop tarts.” Perhaps it’s too late for me… (although in my defense, I rarely buy pop tarts, and have none in the house.) :)

And, while not organic, I bought Hormel natural choice lunch meat at Jewel on the Catalina deal, and will go back and buy more (at net $1.49 a package after coupon/Catalina, it’s a deal!). This is nitrate free and definitely tastes better than a lot of the cheaper lunch meats out there.

Part of this slow process for me is figuring out where it’s worth spending the extra $. When items are the same price as their conventional counterparts, or free, then it’s a no brainer. On a slow deals week, do I buy this lunch meat at its normal $4.69-ish, or go with what’s on sale? (Well, OK, not whatever — there are some brands I won’t touch with a 10-foot pole!). Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me… on to the giveaway:

On to the giveaway

One Mashup Mom reader will win a tote full of organic goodies! These range from Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks and Nature’s Path organic oatmeal, to several high value coupons, to an Eric Carle growth chart.

Entering this one is slightly more complicated than usual. To enter:

  1. Sign up for the Easy Organic Living community over on BabyCenter. (If you’re already a BabyCenter member, just join the group — if not, you’ll have to sign up for BabyCenter first.)
  2. Pick a challenge and comment on the Easy Organic Living community with a link back to this post. I’m doing save a dollar, shift a dollar, but you can pick a different challenge if you like. Other current challenges include invent a snack and give a meal a healthy makeover. (How do you link to this post? Simply copy and paste this: http://www.mashupmom.com/?p=45542 into your BabyCenter comment.)
  3. Lastly, come back here and comment on this post with which challenge you’ve picked and what you’re doing.

Comment through 11:59 PM Central on 4/15/11 in order to enter. One entry/comment per person, and U.S. entries only, please. If you are reading this through email or Facebook, please click on the title of this post (up at the top where it says “Easy Organic Living…”) to go back to the blog. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and you will see a box to enter your comment; just comment there to enter. Email and Facebook entries will not be counted. If you are reading the Mashup Mom homepage on the web, look at the bottom of this post where it says “___ comments.” Click on that to get the box to enter your own comment.

The fine print

The Easy Organic Living program, co-hosted by BabyCenter and Healthy Child Healthy World, sponsored by Stonyfield, provided the information and prizing for this giveaway. I also received a prize pack for my own review; however, all thoughts and opinions here are my own. The winner will be chosen on or around 4/16/11 through random number generation at random.org. The winner will have two days to respond to email notification; Mashup Mom reserves the right to pick a runner up winner in the event I don’t receive a response.

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  1. Sheree says

    I am very health conscience so I try to buy organic products but they can be so expensive. I usually buy them when they go on sale!

  2. Connie says

    I gave the Method a try this weekend and loved it! Target also sells refill bags of the detergent so you don’t have to buy additional containers.

  3. jen says

    did the meal makeover. will try to switch eggs and milk to organic. at least i have milk q’s for the next few weeks.

  4. Megan says

    I did the meal makeover as well. I’ve switched to organic cage free eggs and eat mainly organic produce.

  5. Amy Bloomberg says

    I did the save a dollar, shift a dollar. I bought organic spinach and will use it for our salad. I also planted a bunch of organic lettuces for our spring garden.

  6. Becky says

    I commented on what was the last organic thing that I bought, which was Yo Baby Organic yogurt.

  7. Kortney says

    I did save a dollar shift a dollar, since we are doing a mostly organic garden this year.

  8. says

    Thanks for the link, Rachel! I joined Baby Center and the EOL group when you posted it before, and so far I like the community.

    I’m going to “make over a recipe.” I commented on the one I made last night and linked to your post.

    We use a lot of organic food products, but we could use more. I would like to find a brand of organic diced/crushed/seasoned tomato varieties that either offer some kind of coupons, sales, or bulk purchasing. Muir Glen seems so expensive!

  9. says

    Hm, I’m curious, what are the brands you wouldn’t touch even “with a ten foot pole”?! Even if they were free?! :) This I HAVE to know!

  10. Jackie says

    I did save a dollar. I’m trying to get everyday items for less and use the extra money I have on buying organic produce.

  11. kindra says

    I chose the same challenge as you and am going to eat my leftovers, buy in bulk, and use the whole chicken.

  12. Michelle says

    I tried to take the pledge to eat more leftovers. I am already a vegetarian.

    I am very annoyed though since it won’t let me comment on that community board site. I see exactly where I am supposed to comment and paste your address. I signed up and now am a new member. I got email confirming this. However, when I log in, it doesn’t register me as logging in. I tried to sign up again, but it said that I am already registered with that email address. I have done this 5 times and wasted 15 minutes. I can’t waste any more time trying to log in when it won’t let me!

  13. A. says

    I’m going to buy some produce organic from now on: celery, grapes and apples I’ll always get organic versions.