Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home net $1.99!

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Newegg has Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12 on sale for $79.99 with $1.99 shipping. Use code EMCYTZT5464 to drop that to $35 + $1.99 shipping, then send in for the $35 mail in rebate here for a net cost of just $1.99!

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  1. Brenda says

    Trying to figure out how this ends up being 1.99 – I’m getting $79.99+1.99 shipping = 81.98, less $35.00 from the coupon code leaves 46.98, then after $35 rebate it would be 11.98. Still an awesome deal, though!! :)

    • says

      The coupon code was dropping it to $35 instead of taking off $35 — at least it was yesterday! give it a try and see what happens in your cart after the code :)

      • Brenda says

        That’s soooo weird! When I did it in Firefox, it was showing me $35.00 as the discount. I decided I wanted to give them a different e-mail address, so I emptied the cart and re-did it in Chrome. Now it’s showing a discount of $44.99, making it $35.00 plus the $1.99 shipping and offering the printable rebate form. Thanks, Rachel – I really appreciate your help! I’ve been wanting this program for a long time but couldn’t justify spending $100 on it. :)

        • says

          That is really weird — I use firefox and it was definitely dropping it to $35 for me last night. Glad it worked for you — I’ve never seen it show up so cheap before!

  2. Shirley W says

    I’m trying to do this on 1/21/2014 and it says the promo code is invalid. I’m wondering if this was for 1/19 only??? I tried finding the promo code on the website and couldn’t find it. I signed up for newsletter so maybe I will get an email with a correct promo code. What else can I do?

    • says

      It may have ended. I posted it on 1/18 — I know it was still working on 1/19 — but it’s entirely possible that the code is over now that it’s several days later, sorry :(

  3. Barb says

    Code not working today either.
    I was out of town and did not jump on this. Rachel, if you get a good deal again – please post.

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