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Have I got a mashup for you! In the Chicago area this week (milk brands and offers vary by region), CVS has:


That’s a gallon of Dean’s milk for a net cost of… FREE.

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  1. Diane says

    Do you need a smart phone to use Ibotta?

    I was also wondering – do you have a post on how to get the cheapest smartphone/smartphone plan?

    Thanks! Love your site!

    • says

      You do need a smartphone (or tablet) to use Ibotta, but you do not for Checkout 51.

      And I don’t — it’s come up before and people have suggested either Walmart Family Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Anyone else have suggestions?

      • peaches says

        Hi-The January issue of Consumer Reports has a very good article on how to save on your cell phone bill. You can find the issue at your local library. They did mention some smart phone plans for people that do not use their cell phone a lot. As I remember, Consumer Cellular was one of the cheap plans they recommended, and I think Straight Talk and another plan were also recommended. These plans are all no contract I believe. One of my sisters also has a smart phone, and has a no contract plan with t mobile. According to the article in Consumer Reports 65% of adults in this country now have a smart phone.

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