Dominick’s — now that the Just for U dust has settled…

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I was just reading some info about the Just for U program on The Frugal Find. She was invited to Safeway HQ for a Q&A session, and from her report, they won’t be taking any e-coupons any more other than those on Just for U. (Ignore the part about home delivery, because we don’t have that in Illinois.) She seems more positive overall than I’ve been about the program so far, but apparently I’m cranky. :)

So I thought I’d see how you all felt after a few weeks of being the Just for U guinea pigs. Do you find yourself shopping at Dominick’s more often? Less often? Makes no nevermind to you? Please comment as well — I’m sincerely curious to hear what everyone thinks, here.

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  1. Joy says

    Some of the pricing is great for things I buy all the time. BUT, it is a lot more work. I feel like I have to check and double check, if an ad price is great I still feel compelled to go check if my “U” price is better. Sorry, Dom’s but I have a life and while I love couponing as much as the next person, you’ve made it overly complicated when it doesn’t have to be!

  2. Michelle says

    It doesn’t matter to me about the U program. When I try to use it, it says it’s not available in my area.(I have no idea why since I have a Domnick’s) What I don’t like is changing the coupon policy. If they aren’t going to allow stacking with e-coupons or expireds…I’m not going to bother going to Dominick’s anymore.

  3. Laura says

    Other than the free eggs and maybe one or two other products – there was nothing at Just for U worth my time going to Dominicks.

    There was always some type of problem – either the e-coupon didn’t work, catilina didn’t print, they were out of the product or the sale price wasn’t showing up.

    Maybe it was just the store near me but the manager was always difficult to deal with – plus since I usually shop at night their customer service department was always closed. (For example the last time I was in there my $5.00 Catilina didn’t print, the manager said I was lucky he was giving my a coupon since it was the last day of the sale – the sale was still valid, so he should have checked his attitude).

    So far Jewel has had the best overall deals – not including the huge catlina deals – but everyday prices too. Meijer is good too – with their organics and produce.

  4. Lorene says

    Reasons for shopping at Dominicks: #1 – they take expired Qs (still permitting, for now), #2 – stacking e-Qs, with mfg Qs (no more)….and that is about it. I will still shop there for the deals and when I can use expired Qs – other than that – my loyalties lie with Jewel.

  5. Lorene says

    OH – about Just for U – well I don’t like it (for now), but I haven’t really given it a chance. It is a change…so it will take some getting used to. It seems like a lot of work to figure what is the best deal….my preferred offers or the sales price, etc.

  6. Diane says

    I really miss the e-coupon stacking (no more free Granola Clusters, Tide Stain Release, yogurt, Ivory, Febreze, etc.) but I will still shop there as long as they take expireds. If they ever stop that – I probably won’t shop there anymore.

  7. Deanna says

    So far I can say I hate just4u. I’ve spent so many trips to cs or computer table guy to see why card is not working . I can log on and view my ecoups & deals just fine but that is it. I think the more they make a “savvy” customer depend on a computer system and the CHANCE of the coup coming off, the more “savvy” customers they will lose.
    I will still shop there if a deal comes up and with the expired coup policy, just clearly not as often. I do like their clearance meat section tho! Especially when the perdue “process verified” chicken winds up there. (.75 mq toward a tiny package = GREAT price chickie chickie!)

  8. Becky says

    I agree w/a lot of the others. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the good sales plus the is NOT close for me…also their meat deals rock! The prices of meat ON SALE, are still cheaper than Jewel’s meat prices..either way I’m still better off than where I was a yr. ago thinking Aldi, Walmart, and Meijer were the cheapest…now I know that Jewel. Dom’s and CVS rock!

  9. Corissa says

    I definitely miss the stacking e-coupons. I use expired coupons on just about every trip to Dom’s, so if they stopped taking them I think I would be there much less often. Honestly, though, with the Just for U program I am shopping there much more often. Before I was in the store about once every 3 weeks, just for the really hot deals & getting freebies with stacked qs. Now, I have great Personalized Prices on 2 things I buy at least once a week *every* week — 99 cent/lb broccoli crowns & 45 cent/lb bananas. These are both better than the regular price I can get at any other store. And while I am there I do often pick up things that are either the same (too high) price as Jewel, or are only a little more expensive than Target or Meijer (which I have to drive further to shop at). My biggest concern about Just for U is that these great personalized prices are just introductory, and as soon as they expire I will get lousy prices. If that happens, I’ll be back to only shopping at Dom’s when they have an excellent sale.

  10. JaniceT says

    I find myself browsing the ad for BOGO on items that are in my Personalized Coupons. I think there is a great opportunity here for a good deal because we all know that they jack up prices when they have a BOGO. Just4U overrides the high price and gives you a Personalized price.
    Really, I shop where the deals are. I often find myself at both Jewel and Doms each week. There were a couple of weeks after the policy changed that I couldn’t help but be at Doms A LOT! It seems like they’ve made up for their coupon policy changes with better deals. For example, awesome deals on OJ this week! Couldn’t pass that up with sick kiddos.
    I am sad about not stacking e-coupons. I used to check Cellfire and Shortcuts every week and now I don’t even bother loading them. I can see why they are getting rid of them.

  11. Jen Beedie says

    My Doms wont take Wags RR’s or Jewel Cats so since they changed their coupon policy (and stopped stacking) I have not bothered to go. If they had a great sale that I couldn’t pass up I may change my mind but Jewel and Fairplay take care of all my family’s needs much more economically.

  12. isa says

    I, for one, hate how much time it takes to look over all of those prices, and then the only way to make sure I’m getting the correct thing is to print off 15 pages of them to drag to the store with me. I almost never bother, so the just for me prices end up being a hidden bonus–but not an incentive to go there. That’s how I treated the stacking ecoupons, too, though. So all in all, about the same.

  13. Emilie says

    I still go to Doms to use expired coupons on occasion, but I’m at Jewel daily and Dominicks maybe twice a month. It’s sad….they’ve really got to have some great deals to get me in the door.

  14. Katy says

    Here’s my issue with Dominick’s, at least the stores close to me….tons of expired products on the shelves, incredibly cranky store manager who has no idea how coupons work and sighs when I’m roaming the isles checking for deals that I might have a coupon for that wasn’t blogged about. That said, I tried to sign up for the Just for U program and the system keeps telling me it’s not offered in my area. Hmmmm…I live in Lake in the Hills, IL and know other people around me who’ve signed up for it just fine. I called the 800 # I found and they said “I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do.” Won’t send me a new card either because “it won’t do any good.” I think I’m done with Dominick’s. It’s really not worth my time and effort for the treatment I’ve gotten.

    • JaniceT says

      Agreed. The expired product problem is ridiculous! I’ve brought many items to CS (especially dressings) and told them that half of their stock is expired. I’ve gone back days later to find that they didn’t even bother to send someone over to pull the expireds from the shelf. I ALWAYS check the dates at Doms. Rarely ever have that problem at Jewel.

  15. Heather says

    Not quite sure how to vote. I don’t really care for the program. I do shop far less now that you can’t stack E and paper q’s. But I appreciate being able to use expireds. That’s how I keep a nice stockpile of juice for my kids.

  16. Amy says

    How can you tell if you have already used a Just for U coupon? The ones I added are greyed out and say “added”, but none say redeemed. I can’t remember which ones I have already used. If they are still there, does that mean I can still use them?

  17. says

    meh. Dom’s used to be my favorite store, but there is no longer one close to me, so it never seems to be worth the trek to the one 20 mins away. However, I do think that the Just for U program seems good so far, I always thought this was what those store loyalty cards should have been doing from the start anyway (matching you with deals on categories you shop in most!). So when I first logged in, they did have many offers that were “tailored” to me, and I did my shopping there instead of Jewel last week.
    That said, I have noticed a LOT of catalinas printing at Jewel lately that seem to be triggered by my card’s past use, not just competitor coupons for what I’ve bought that trip (ie, I have bought a lot of diapers there in the past, so now I get a ton of baby related cats even if I don’t buy anything baby that trip!).
    On another note… I have noticed I’m buying a lot more at Jewel in order to collect those stickers. Even though I know darn well it’s a pan I don’t need that’s worth about $5… I can’t help it! They got me! : )

  18. Care says

    I’m signed up for it, but rarely check it. Hopefully I’ll get a better personalized deal than the ad says, but whatever. I only use the super coupons in the actual ad since they aren’t stacking anymore with the e-super coups. They take expireds and that’s the only reason I’m in there still. It might be laziness, but it’s kind of a relief that they’re stopping with the e-coups. That was just another thing to remember to do. And, they updated their policy again to take $$$ catalinas from other stores(at least Jewel) in addition to specific products catalinas…so that’s cool. I read that over on I used to despise Dominick’s. Our relationship has grown.

    • joe says

      It looks like only Nor Cal has this policy changed. The rest of Safeway and Dominick’s still have their number 9 say only per item.

      • Care says

        Good to know. I think my cashier the other day was being nice when she took my $5 Jewel cat! I guess I got lucky…

  19. Matt says

    The coupon policy about not taking a coupon on the free items from the store is pretty lame or not allowing you to use a BOGO on a store BOGO.

    There are some weeks however when it’s better to shop Dominick’s. The expired coupon thing and clearance meat and dairy are the main benefits.

    As for the program, it’s annoying as JustforU is not really saving you very much money at all. I guess I just wonder how long they will stay in business and when the expired coupons will no longer be accepted.

  20. Lili S. says

    Except for twice a year maybe, Dom’s has always been a money-loser for me. Once I got word of Just for U, I signed up online and found my free eggs when I went in. I live along the lakefront on Chicago’s northside and from their Navy Pier to Evanston stores, I’ve found favorable experiences since signing up. I don’t have time to pick out my usual items online, but Just for U already highlights them with the sale price for me. More than once the price I paid was even lower than the price I was supposed to be paying. The cashiers say I must have downloaded a coupon onto my card but they don’t really know themselves. I carry my coupons in a tote and make quick runs into a Dom’s at hand. I end up paying just cents on up to $6 for a ton of good stuff. But, the one thing I DON’T like now is the way my receipts print out.:) It takes 10 minutes to figure out if all my credits have been correctly tallied in.

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