Dominick’s deals week of 2/2/12

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Here are the best deals and coupon matchups I see at Dominick’s for the week of 2/2/12.

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Top deals

  • Thursday only pizza and ice cream deal!
  • Thursday only: Tona Roma’s 16 oz ribs, $5.00 each limit 7 while supplies last no rainchecks.
  • Sun-Thurs: Signature Cafe baby back ribs, $5.00.
  • Pom Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice 8 oz, $.99. There’s $1.00/1 in the 12/4 SS and 1/8 SS and $1.00/1 on the POM site here nope! Thanks, Mandy. I’m looking at the one in the 1/8 SS and it says “any” juice, but let me know if the others have size restrictions. Free juice!
  • Just for U offer — load starting 2/2: Lucerne 1/2 gallon milk, $1.17 limit 2.
  • Just for U offer: Oscar Mayer bacon 12-16 oz, $2.99 limit 2.

“Hot Offers” on Just for U this week

Head over on 2/2 to load these to your card. When it says “limit 2,” that has always been per transaction. Just go back through the line if you want more. You must load these prices to your card to get them in the store.

  • Pantry Essentials gallon milk, $1.97 limit 2.
  • Lucerne 1/2 gallon milk, $1.17 limit 2.
  • Hot or Lean pockets, $1.69 limit 3.
  • Krakus deli ham, $4.99/lb.
  • Oscar Mayer bacon 12-16 oz, $2.99 limit 2.

Daily deals Thurs-Sun.

Otherwise known as the “we don’t care that gas is $3.59 a gallon, keep driving to our store anyway” deals. But I’m cranky tonight :)

  • THURSDAY only: Tostitos, $1.69 limit 4. 2-liter Pepsi or 7-Up, $.88 limit 4. DiGiorno pizza, $3.49 limit 2 — See the deal on this outlined here! Tona Roma’s 16 oz ribs, $5.00 each limit 7 while supplies last no rainchecks.
  • FRIDAY only: Bounty 6 roll paper towels, $5.99. Use $.25/1 in the 1/29 PG. Charmin 12 or 16 big roll tissue (says = 24 regular rolls for 12 big), $5.99. Use $.25/1 in the 1/29 PG.
  • SATURDAY only: Waterfront Bistro medium cooked shrimp $5.99/lb. Tender white or green asparagus, $1.49/lb.
  • SUNDAY only: Signature Cafe chicken wings 20 ct bone-in or 2lb boneless, $5.99. Deli Counter salads 2.75-3lb, $3.99. 20-pack Coke, $5.00.

Four day Sale Thursday-Sunday

  • Spend $75+, get $10.00 OYNO. Read the multitude of exclusions before you try this.
  • Buy two 12-packs Pepsi or 7-Up, get 3 free. No price listed, but probably around $5.99.
  • 24-pack Miller, Bud, Coors, Old Style, or 30-pack High Life or Busch, $12.77.
  • Lay’s potato chips or Rold Gold, $1.99.
  • Hellmann’s mayo or Kraft Miracle Whip, $2.88 limit 3. If you have the $2.00/2 Hellmann’s printable (no longer available), use here. $.25/1 Hellmann’s in the 1/29 RP.
  • Signature Cafe baby back ribs, $5.00.
  • 12 packs Coke, 4/$11.00 must buy four.
  • Doritos or Lay’s kettle chips, $2.50.
  • Safeway Select coffee, $6.99.
  • Signature Cafe 8 pc all natural or fried chicken, $5.99.
  • Kraft Velveeta dip, $2.00. If you printed the $1.00/1 (no longer available), use here.
  • Nabisco Ritz or Crackerfuls, $1.99 limit 4. Print $1.00/2 Nabisco crackers on SmartSource. Print another $1.00/2 here.
  • All American sub sandwiches, $6.99.
  • 93% ground beef extreme value pack, $2.99/lb.
  • Tyson hot & spicy fully cooked chicken wings, $2.49/lb.
  • dozen donuts, $3.99.
  • Lucerne 1.5 qt ice cream, $2.28.
  • Lucerne sour cream 16 oz, $1.29.
  • Wonderful pistachios 20 oz BOGO at $10.99.
  • Hershey’s valentine’s chocolate, 2/$7.00. Use $1.00/2 kisses in the 1/8 SS.
  • Velveeta 32 oz loaf, $6.99. Use $.55/1 in the 1/22 SS.

FRIDAY only $5.00 sale

  • Cuties clementines 5lbs. Use the $.75/1 printable (no longer available).
  • Lucerne 32 oz shred cheese limit 2.
  • Primo Taglio pillow pack meats 12-16 oz.
  • 24 pack Pepsi.
  • Safeway Select Artisan Bistro football cake 1/8 sheet.
  • Hillshire Farm smoked sausage 42 oz ($.55/1 1/29RP) or 32 oz Ball Park Angus Beef Franks (print $1.00/2 on FB) while supplies last no rainchecks.
  • Medium raw shrimp 1lb bag while supplies last.
  • Signature Cafe family size cheese pizza.

Weekly deals


  • Split chicken breast value pack, $.99/lb.
  • Oscar Mayer meat franks, buy one get two free no price listed. See if you have a personalized price on JFU.
  • Big old Sara Lee Family Event: All these are BOGO, no price listed. Check your JFU. Hillshire Farm ultra thin or deli carvers lunch meat, smoked sausage ($.55/1 1/29 RP), or Ball Park beef franks (print $1.00/2 on FB, but since this is Dominick’s, you’d then have to buy four). Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage or fully cooked (use $.55/1 in the 1/8 RP).
  • 73% ground beef 3lb chub, $6.87.


  • Avocados, $.88.
  • Hot House or Roma tomatoes, $1.29/lb.
  • Wholly Guacamole, BOGO at $5.49. Use $1.00/1 from the snack bowl booklet from Jewel. Print $1.00/1 here.
  • Organic broccoli, $1.49/lb.
  • Pom Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice 8 oz, $.99. There’s $1.00/1 in the 12/4 SS and 1/8 SS and $1.00/1 on the POM site here nope! Thanks, Mandy. I’m looking at the one in the 1/8 SS and it says “any” juice, but let me know if the others have size restrictions. Free juice!


  • Sargento shreds or slices, $2.50. Use $.50/2 shreds in the 1/22 SS.
  • Pillsbury Cookie Dough or Sweet Moments, $1.99 with in-ad coupon limit 4. Use $1.00/2 cookie dough in the 11/13 GM (exp. 2/4), 12/4 SS, 12/11 SS, 1/8 GM.


  • Hormel chili with beans, $.99 with in-ad coupon limit 6. Print $.55/2 here.
  • Campbells Chunky soup or micro bowls, $1.25 with in-ad coupon limit six. On the Campbell’s site, print $1.00/3, $1.50/4, and $2.00/5. $2.00/4 in the “make game day a snap” booklet found at Jewel. $1.00/4 in the 1/8 SS.
  • Heinz 32-36 oz ketchup, $1.69 with in-ad coupon limit two.
  • Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing, $1.69 with in-ad coupon limit 2.
  • Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies, $1.67 with in-ad coupon limit 4.
  • Kellogg’s pop tarts or rice krispies treats 8 ct, $1.49 with in-ad coupon limit 4.
  • Skippy PB 15-16.3 oz, $2.49 with in-ad coupon limit 2. I think that the 15 oz is natural, not sure — give it a try.
  • Mission soft taco flour tortillas 10 ct, $1.49 with in-ad coupon.
  • Kleenex, $.99 with in-ad coupon limit 2.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn, $1.49 with in-ad coupon limit 4. Use $.75/2 in the 1/22 SS.
  • Safeway hot dog or hamburger buns, $.99 with in-ad coupon.
  • Quaker Chewy granola bars, $1.88 with in-ad coupon limit 4. Use $.75/2 in the 1/8 RP.
  • Welch’s grape juice, $1.99 with in-ad coupon limit 3. Says “select varieties” and shows 100% juice. There is $1.00/1 light in the 11/6 SS (exp. 2/6) but I don’t know if it is included.
  • Quaker Life, Cap’n Crunch, Chex, $1.79 with in-ad coupon limit 4. $1.00/3 1/8 GM and $1.00/2 Chex
  • Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, $1.77 with in-ad coupon limit 4. 1/22 SS, 1/8 GM, printables on, Coupon Network,, and/or Betty Crocker.
  • Kelloggs Frosted Mini  Wheats, $1.99 with in-ad coupon limit 4. Use $1.00/3 in the 1/8 RP.
  • Quaker instant oatmeal, BOGO. No prices listed but assume an insane $4.99 or so. Check your JFU for personalized prices.
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, $.99.


  • Eggos, $1.99 with in-ad coupon limit 4.
  • Lucerne flavored 32 oz creamer, $2.69 with in-ad coupon limit 3.
  • Go-gurt, $1.79 with in-ad coupon limit 3. Use $.75/2 in the 1/8 GM.

Things to know at Dominick’s

Just a few things to know:

  1. Dominick’s does not let you use a coupon on the “free” item in a buy one, get one free sale. They also have now decided that they won’t let you use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale to get both items for free.
  2. Many Dominick’s will only let you use one OYNO Catalina per transaction. Most no longer take Catalinas or  Register Rewards from other stores unless they are for a specific item. Their official policy says no.
  3. Sign up for Just for U for additional e-coupons and “personalized savings.” You can no longer use paper coupons with manufacturer JFU e-coupons. Although sometimes they randomly go through.
  4. Just for U common questions and answers here.
  5. Link to whatever the current coupon policy might be, here.
  6. If you shop at Safeway, Vons, Genuardi’s, or another Safeway affiliate, your prices may differ from those shown here, but Catalina deals are 90% the same. Dominick’s in Illinois no longer allows the stacking of manufacturer e-coupons with paper manufacturer coupons, and neither do many Safeways — they’re phasing it out as they roll out Just for U in your area.
  7. Dominick’s, unlike Jewel, gives individual stores tremendous leeway about coupon policies, so you will not see consistency between stores, and not all stores follow the official policy.

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  1. Katie says

    Wouldnt the Pepsi be a good deal this week? I have a Target Deal Match of 4 for $10 and the Doms sale of buy 2 get 3 free. Shouldnt that work out to 5 for $5?

  2. ElizabethF says

    I just wanted to share something I didn’t know. If you don’t get a Dominick’s ad or don’t want to clip the store coupons, you can load all of them in the Just 4U coupon center.

    • Nikki says

      I tried this once & it didn’t work for me. I don’t know if I bought the wrong item (pretty sure I didn’t). Went to customer service, who told me the store coupons don’t work that way (not that I would expect him to know how it works) & then argued with me over a $2 refund.

  3. Outlander says

    Valli Produce ad has lots of mfr Qs for some of the sales at Dom and Jewel :
    $2/4 Coke 12-packs, 24oz 6-packs or 12oz 8-packs
    $2/4 Pepsi 12-packs or 24oz bottle 6-packs
    $2/4 Nabisco crackers
    $1/2 jars Planters peanuts 12-16 oz
    $1/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip
    $1/2 Kraft singles 12oz
    $1/2 Oscar Meyer wieners, bologna or cotto salami
    $1/2 Kraft shredded or chunk cheese

  4. Elizabeth O says

    It was posted on Hip2Save there was a $2/1 Jennie-O Turkey Store frozen burger coupon on, Zip 53027, available yesterday. Not sure if still available as I printed yesterday but there is a Dominick’s store coupon price 3lb Jennie-O frozen burgers 5.99 each, limit 4. It makes 3lbs of turkey burgers 3.99, not bad. :)

  5. Kristy says

    The Pom coupon from the 01/08 SS is actually $1 off ANY Pom product, including the fresh fruit, so it should definitely work on the tiny juices.

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