Dominick’s deals week of 1/26/12

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Here are the best deals and coupon matchups I see at Dominick’s for the week of 1/26/12.

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Top deals

  • Load on Just for U starting 1/26: Dozen Lucerne large eggs excludes brown $.88 limit 1. Lucerne half gallon milk, $1.17 limit 2. Other good Just for U deals, see below.
  • Friday-Sunday ONLY: Ken’s salad dressing, $1.50. Use $1.00/1 in the 1/8 SS.
  • Monday ONLY: Seattle’s Best Coffee, $5.00. Print $1.50/1 on to get it for $3.50! Print $1.00/1 on FacebookAnother $1.00/1 here. There was a regional $3.50/2 in the 11/20 SS, but I don’t believe we got it here.
  • New Yoplait lactose-free yogurt, $.69. Print $.30/1 here.
  • Pork loin rib half sliced, $1.49/lb.
  • 80% ground beef extreme value pack, $2.49/lb.

“Hot Offers” on Just for U this week

Head over on 1/26 to load these to your card. When it says “limit 2,” that has always been per transaction. Just go back through the line if you want more. You must load these prices to your card to get them in the store.

  • Pantry Essentials gallon milk, $1.97 limit 2.
  • Lucerne half gallon milk, $1.17 limit 2.
  • 12 double roll Cottonelle, $5.49 limit two. Use $.50/1 in the 1/15 SS or $.75/1 in the Nov. All You. This one is actually not bad — it works out to $.21 a roll after $.50 coupon.
  • Dozen Lucerne large eggs excludes brown $.88 limit 1.
  • Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies, $1.77 limit 3.

Buy four save $2.00 mix match sale

Buy any four or more participating items, save $.50 on each. Of course, there are no prices in the ad. Look for additional tags in store. In-ad items:

  • Campbell’s soup at hand. $.50/2 in the 1/8 SS.
  • Campbells micro red & white bowls. $.50/2 in the 1/8 SS.
  • Progresso rich & hearty or healthy soup. $1.00/4 in the 12/11 SS or 1/8 GM.
  • Amy’s organic soups.
  • Healthy Choice microbowls. $1.00/3 in the 1/1 SS.
  • O Organics 17.3 oz soup.

$5 Friday sale

  • Hillshire Farm lil’ smokies 28 oz.
  • Primo Taglio ham off the bone or 12-16 oz pillow packs, per lb.
  • Signature Cafe chicken tenders, per lb.
  • DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen. $1.00/2 DiGiorno in the 1/15 SS. CPK is also on the back of the ad for $5.00, so you don’t need to get it on Friday.
  • 18 oz blackberries or blueberries.
  • Smuckers Uncrustables, Foster Farms Corn Dogs, Bagel Bites, or Totino’s Pizza rolls 20-44.5 oz. Totino’s: Use $.40/2 in the 12/11 SS or 1/8 GM. Print $.60/3 on And print $.40/2 on Coupon Network.
  • Tasty Catch 1.1 lb frozen salmon fillets.
  • Safeway Softly bath tissue or Thirsty Paper Towels or Brightly or Pantry Essentials. 9-12 roll tissue or 6 or 8 roll towels.
  • Safeway Select Artisan Bistro Penguin cake 1/8 sheet.

Friday-Sunday Three Day Sale

These are kind of meh, only listing the ones that look OK rather than the full list this time

  • Deli Counter  ham, turkey, or American cheese, $4.99/lb.
  • Gala, Jonagold, or Fuji apples, $.99/lb.
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese, $.88.
  • Ken’s salad dressing, $1.50. Use $1.00/1 in the 1/8 SS.
  • Powerade, $.69.

Monday Mania sale. Yes. ANOTHER ONE DAY SALE.

  • Signature Cafe meatloaf, $5.00.
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee, $5.00. Print $1.50/1 on to get it for $3.50! Print $1.00/1 on Facebook. Another $1.00/1 here. There was a regional $3.50/2 in the 11/20 SS, but I don’t believe we got it here.
  • Safeway Select Buffalo style chicken wings 24 oz or 48 oz Safeway Party Size frozen meatballs, $5.00.
  • Tasty Catch 1.1 lb frozen salmon fillets, $5.00.
  • Tropicana 128 oz OJ, $5.00.

Weekly deals


  • 8 oz mushrooms, $1.50.
  • Red or green seedless grapes, $1.49/lb.
  • 3lb yellow onions, $.99.
  • 2lb Baby cut carrots, $2.00.
  • Kiwi, 3/$1.00.



  • Pork loin rib half sliced, $1.49/lb.
  • Oscar Mayer deli fresh lunch meat, BOGO at $5.29. Hmm, there’s $1.00/2 carving board or cold cuts on or in the 1/22 SS. Lunch meat is cold cuts, yes? Although this is Dominick’s, so you’d have to buy four to use it. Check your Just for U to see if you have a better price.
  • Buddig deli cuts lunch meat, BOGO at $4.99. Also shows original, BOGO at? $.75/4 original in the 12/11 SS.
  • Lloyd’s BBQ ribs 37.4 oz, BOGO at $19.99. If you printed the $2.00 on, use here (gone).
  • Hormel bacon, BOGO no price listed. (My guess: $7.99.)
  • 10 lb bag frozen chicken leg quarters, $5.90.
  • 80% ground beef extreme value pack, $2.49/lb.
  • Safeway chicken drumsticks, thighs, or leg quarters, $.99/lb in the extreme value pack.
  • 3lb Safeway hickory smoked thick sliced bacon, $8.97.


  • Chips Ahoy, BOGO at $4.29.
  • Nabisco Saltines, BOGO at ? Print $1.00/2 on, but you’d have to buy four to use.
  • Fritos or Cheetos, BOGO at $3.49.
  • Healthy Life bread, $2.00. Use $.35/1 in the 1/8 … RP? SS? The database shows both and I am not near my coupons, someone let me know, lol.
  • Open Nature wheat French bread, $.99.
  • Plum organics pouches, $.99. If you printed the $.50/2 (no longer available), use here.
  • 12 pack Pepsi, Buy two for $11.98, get 2 free and a free bag of Doritos.


  • Lean Cuisine, $1.99 each must buy five. Use $1.00/5 in the 1/1 SS.
  • Gortons large or value pack, BOGO at $7.69. Use $.50/1 in the 1/1 SS.

Not food

  • Buy Real Steel Blu-Ray combo pack or DVD. Get the following free: Two 1.25 liter bottles Coke, One bag Nabisco snack-saks, and One bag The Snack Artist chips. Print $5.00 off the Combo pack on
  • Lysol cleaners and wipes, $1.99. Use $1.00/2 in the 1/1 SS. Print some sad little $.50/2 and $.25/1 coupons here.
  • They are also having a BOGO sale on various household products, no prices listed — as always, check your Just for U: Ziploc storage bags, Dixie or Vanity Fair plates, bowls, napkins, Chinet plates or cups, Hefty OneZip, Hefty foam plates or bowls, Sparkle paper towels, glad containers, glad wraps, safeway foil. If you spot any good prices on these in store, let us know — not listing coupons for all these with no prices cause the prices are usually high.
  • Arm & Hammer 20 lb cat litter, $5.99 with in-ad coupon. Print $1.00/1 here.

Things to know at Dominick’s

Just a few things to know:

  1. Dominick’s does not let you use a coupon on the “free” item in a buy one, get one free sale. They also have now decided that they won’t let you use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale to get both items for free.
  2. Many Dominick’s will only let you use one OYNO Catalina per transaction. Most no longer take Catalinas or  Register Rewards from other stores unless they are for a specific item. Their official policy says no.
  3. Sign up for Just for U for additional e-coupons and “personalized savings.” You can no longer use paper coupons with JFU e-coupons. Although sometimes they randomly go through.
  4. Just for U common questions and answers here.
  5. Link to whatever the current coupon policy might be, here.
  6. If you shop at Safeway, Vons, Genuardi’s, or another Safeway affiliate, your prices may differ from those shown here, but Catalina deals are 90% the same. Dominick’s in Illinois no longer allows the stacking of manufacturer e-coupons with paper manufacturer coupons, and neither do many Safeways — they’re phasing it out as they roll out Just for U in your area.
  7. Dominick’s, unlike Jewel, gives individual stores tremendous leeway about coupon policies, so you will not see consistency between stores, and not all stores follow the official policy.

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  1. jolene says

    sorry i feel like im stalking your page lately but im building back up my stockpile before the baby comes…. but anyways digiornio will email you a $1/1 q if you enter the sweepstakes on their facebook page…. this makes the digiornio pizza & wingz only $4 after q on friday :) not bad for a quick meal….

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