And then there was Dollar Tree

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I also stopped by the Villa Park Dollar Tree today to get ice cube trays, since I’m going to make and freeze pesto soon (recipe hopefully forthcoming!). I’m pretty sure that Dollar Tree ice cube trays are made out of Saran Wrap, but hopefully they will hold up long enough to get this one job done.


They had a whole endcap of these expensive looking AcneFree sets. These turn out to be $18 shipped on Amazon, so I guess $1.00 is a good deal!


I also spotted six packs of Kellogg’s To Go shake mixes. No current coupons that I know of, but this is a good price.


Lastly, they had Skippy Natural dark chocolate peanut butter. This, I kind of bought a couple of. Plus the aforementioned ice cube trays, and a box of Philly Swirl (which was free with the $1.00/1 in the 5/18 SS).

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  1. peaches says

    I bought some rubbermaid ice cube trays really cheap back in December when they were 75% off. I make lots of pesto every fall, and freeze it in ice cube trays. The recipe I use is from Jane Brody’s Good Food cookbook, and only has half as much olive oil as most other recipes do. I used to use pine nuts in it, but most of the pine nuts now are from China, and I won’t buy them. They are usually $25 a pound anyway. Even Whole Foods only carries pine nuts from China. I now substitute walnuts for the pine nuts, and it is almost as good

    • says

      I am going to buy heavier duty ice cube trays soon, but didn’t have time — made mine with cashews and it turned out lovely :)

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