A few Dollar Tree deals 3/29/14

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Here are a few Dollar Tree free & under $1 deals, courtesy of Grocery Shop for Free. Spot anything good at your store? Please comment here! :)

At Dollar Tree, products will always vary by store. You may or may not find these items at your store, but this gives you an idea of what you may find and coupons to clip if you’re going.

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  1. Outlander says

    I went today to use my Zest Qs and btw they have the correct scent there. I know they limit to 2 Internet Qs per transaction, because there is a paper with the policy taped on the registers. So I gave my daughter 2 Qs first and she got 2 soaps while I was getting other stuff. But the lady at the register (I think the manager) saw us together at some point. She followed me through the store, looked in my cart, and asked if I was buying those Zest with printables. I said yes, so she said its 2 per household. I said that I saw the sign and it only said 2 per transaction. So she went and got another printout with highlighted that said 2 per transaction and per household.
    When I got to the register, she called me to another register so she’ll be my cashier. I still had 2 soaps, but she said she wouldn’t take the Qs, because I already had my daughter buy 2, and I said yes, but I thought it was 2 per person. She wouldn’t budge. When I was about to pay,I asked her again to save me another trip, but she said that she can’t because then they won’t get paid for it. I said that I don’t think that’s true (I know it’s not), but she said that it is and that she is going by the policy. I said that’s totally fine.
    She also told me that the policy just recently changed to include that you get the full value of the Q if you have enough of the product. For example, I had $3/2 Triaminic Q, and 2 packages for it. At first she said that she’d have to reduce the Q to $2, so I said fine, but after she told me that about he policy, I asked does that mean I can get 3 Triaminic then, and she said yes. So as long as you have enough of the correct product to cover the full value of the Q, you’ll get the full value of it.

      • Outlander says

        I know! It was like Gestapo following me! She literally followed me through the store and checked out my cart. I really thought it was an overkill. :)
        I did see also that they had Band-aid boxes so use $0.50/1 from 3/9 RP2, and they had big variety of Pictsweet veggies so use $0.50/1 from 3/2 RP. I did see the fish sticks too, but didn’t print those Qs, so I might do that and go back. They did have Brut, and I did get that too.

    • Jane says

      My husband and I go to DT together at times when I have more than the allowed limit “per person” and they always let him do some of my coupons. Then my girlfriend (who does not have a printer) tried to buy the Bruts with her insert coupons once and she used her 4 and sent her husband back in to use another 4 (1 adult had to stay in the car with the small kids) and they were not even TOGETHER and denied him the coupons because they lived in the same HOUSEHOLD! I was floored when she told me that, but that is what the policy actually says. They will get reimbursed for all of those coupons as long as they sell the correct product at DT. The manufacturers have no way of knowing which customers live in which houses! Come on.

      If you do not want to deal with that particular store and if those items are ever featured in a DT ad, bring the ad and price match as many as you want at Walmart. The catch there is they need to be in the ad, or Walmart will not price match. (You can see their point there though) Not many things we have coupons for are in the ad, but it could happen. I cannot stand the lady following you around in the store. I would never go back in there if that happened to me!

  2. Outlander says

    Is it just me? I thought that 2 IPs limit per transaction was per SAME KIND OF ITEM, not limit 2 TOTAL of any kind! I went today and had 2 IPs for Kashi, 2 IPs for Zest and 2 IPs for fish sticks, and they only let me use 2 TOTAL so I only got 2 free fish sticks. They were all confused about me having multiple IPs, had to read and reread their policy. There were 2 ladies and one man. One lady didn’t know what to do, the man said just use all of them, but the second lady said no, they should check with the manager, so they went and called that lady on the phone( the one I was telling you about from the other day), and of course she said I can’t use all of them, just 2!
    I feel like they really make me waste my time and gas. I sure don’t want to go to that store anymore, but it’s closest to me.

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