CVS — the perfect trip this morning

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Why perfect? Everything was in stock. (Well, OK, I wanted four Skippy Natural and they only had three, but one regular instead is fine…) I knew where it all was. They emailed me a $4/$20 Valentine’s Day coupon. And it took five minutes to get all this for… better than free! I love my CVS. :)

4 Skippy, $10.00.
Dean’s milk, $2.99. Used $.55/1 in the 1/5 SS2.
Kids Culturelle, $10.00. Used $5.00 printable (no longer available).

Used my $4/$20 and paid with $10 ECB and $3.77. Got back $14.00 ECB: $10 Culturelle, $1.00 Dean’s, and $3.00 Skippy. Submitted for $.50 back from Checkout 51 (which they just added to my account while I was typing this!) and $.50 back from Ibotta. Net cost of: Oh look, I’m up $1.23 today! See? Perfect.

Even without the $4/$20, this would have been a super cheap trip — nice deals at CVS this week, esp. on milk and if you printed that Culturelle coupon during the short time it was available! What are you getting this week?

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    • says

      They seem to go in waves — I’ll get a bunch in a row then nothing for a while. Make sure your email address is still registered on their site, too.

      • Outlander says

        I get their emails, but they are always for online purchases. I don’t remember the last time I got a Q for in-store purchase. Granted, I don’t shop there too often. But, also, I have NEVER EVER gotten any Qs on the end of my receipt like I’ve seen other people get.

  1. says

    Mine too ,wonder if its because you shop there every week !I barely get there anymore ,not to close ,I am sitting on a $10 ECB I have to spend within the 14 day exp.I really only glance at the CVS emails ,maybe if I opened it and did some reading might have a bonus I didn’t even know I had (:

  2. Jennifer says

    I’m having the same issue; never get the $x off $x coupons anymore. Also, my transactions at CVS don’t transmit to SavingStar. Emailed back and forth with SavingStar the other day and the rep confirmed my account number is correct however I never got my Skinny Cow rebate from about a month ago. She stated that my transactions aren’t being sent to them from CVS and my account may be flagged at CVS. Makes me feel like CVS has issues with my coupon shopping at their stores. Guess it’s time for me to pick up a new card there, or go somewhere else.

    • says

      That sounds very strange — But yes, I’d pick up a new card or have someone else in your household grab one in case there is something hinky going on with your current one and SavingStar.

  3. Victoria says

    I only get the online sales information no money off coupons or even beauty club coupons it’s strangled I started couponing in June at CVS and no n store coupons since October…..just online sale notices

  4. Jill says

    Mine is that way to. The only coupons I get are the ones advertised in the weekly ad. I can’t remember the last time I got a 4/20 coupon.

    • says

      I just got a $4 off $20 this last week, and I frequently get $3 off your next order. I do use one of the $3 ones occasionally, but the coupons are only good for 3-4 days, and I don’t always get around to using it. I don’t usually spend $20 at CVS very often, although since they have started carrying the Nizoral shampoo again that might change. I also frequently get coupons that are only good online.

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