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Remember I told you all a while back about the problem I had using coupons on the BOGO Triumph pens at CVS? (I think it was an aberration, because it never happened before or since.) Anyway, I emailed CVS customer service for clarification — not only did they email me back, the store manager called me, assured me it wouldn’t happen again, and said that if there were ever any problems to have them call him. Now that’s good customer service! Props to the Lombard CVS. Here’s the CVS corporate email, too. If you’re having trouble at your own CVS, you might want to contact them yourself:

Hi Ms. Gordon:

I’m sorry that I choose the wrong product.  The CVS/pharmacy BOGO coupon policy follows:

We allow one manufacturer’s BOGO coupon per offer and the customer is responsible for the sales tax only.  We also accept 2 single value coupons per BOGO offer.  An example of that would be $1 off a single bottle of aspirin.



Customer Relations

Also, I stopped by CVS this morning. Couldn’t find enough in stock that I wanted so I could use my $5.00/$25.00 coupon, but got: Deans 2% milk ($1.99), Philips earbuds ($6.99), 2 packs of Papermate pens ($1.98) and a pencil sharpener ($.29). Paid with $10.99 in ECB and $1.05 in cash, and got back $9.97 ECB ($1.00 for milk, $1.98 for pens, $6.99 for earbuds). Down $2.07 this transaction. And I’m noting that although the milk in the ad says “limit one,” it does not say “offer limit reached” on my transaction — so might go grab another one at the end of the week.

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  1. Ann says

    Hi! I need clarification please. Yesterday I went to CVS and got 4 Sobe Drinks which are BOGO and I also used 2 BOGO coupons. The cashier said I couldn’t do that and would only take one coupon. I told her I did it last time and to run the coupon – she wouldn’t. Who is wrong – me or her? If she was, how do I explain it so even I understand. :)

  2. says

    Ann — Your cashier was wrong. You can talk to the store manager, and if they don’t budge, contact corporate. (I’d pursue it if you shop there often, because it will come up again!) Their policy allows you to use BOGO coupons on BOGO offers. Here’s why stores let you do this:

    They’re offering an item BOGO: So, you pay for one, the store pays for one. When you give them the BOGO manufacturer coupon, the manufacturer pays for one, the store pays for one. The store isn’t out any money when you use a BOGO coupon on their BOGO deal, you are just using another form of payment (that coupon) for the one you have to buy.

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