Crazy Pampers Catalina deal at Meijer 1/30-2/1

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OK, I’m finishing up the Meijer deals for this week, but thought I’d pull out this crazy Pampers Catalina mashup for you guys and try to get some of your ideas, too — anyone know what jumbo packs cost, or have an idea for a different way to do this? :)

Pampers Catalina starting 1/30/14 (Thursday ads)


Pampers Catalina deal: Buy $70+, get $15 OYNO. Buy $60-$69.99, get $10 OYNO. Spend $45-$59.99 get $5.00 OYNO.


Head to mPerks and clip an instant savings coupon: Save $5 when you spend $50, save $10 when you spend $100, save $15 when you spend $150.

(Also look under the Rewards tab to see if you have a baby offer — some people do. I do not, but I have an offer to get $5 off by spending $50.)


Also on mPerks, check under the top of the rewards tab and you will see the above offer: Earn a $10 off reward every time you spend $50 on baby items through 2/1.


And, there is a mail in rebate going — buy $30+ P&G products, get a mail-in rebate form at checkout for a $10 prepaid Visa card.

So let’s put this together…

I don’t know what jumbo packs cost at Meijer, but it will probably be an even better deal if you buy a bunch of smaller packs and use $1.50/1 coupons on each. But through 2/1 you could, say, buy three economy packs of Pampers for $37.94 each = $113.82. Get $10 off instantly with the offer you will be sure to load on mPerks before your trip = $103.82. Use three $1.50/1 coupons from above and a $1.00/1 Target store coupon = $98.32. Get back a $15 Catalina and two $10 mPerks rewards (for two sets of $10 back when you hit $50 after instant store coupon + before manufacturer coupons), then send in for the $10 mail-in rebate for a net cost of $53.32. for all three.

Did I do the math right? lol

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  1. Mary says

    Jumbo packs are usually between $10-13 most places. At $10, you could get 5 packs for $50, use $1.50 off each, get $5 oyno, $5 mperks 4 day instant, $10 baby reward, and $10 visa. That’d be $12.50/5 jumbo packs or $2.50/pack. At $13, you could do 4 packs to hit the $50 threshold. I didn’t figure out higher amounts because I don’t generally have that much extra for stocking up.

  2. Melissa says

    I got pampers jumbo packs at meijer this week. They were 8.99. Pretty sure that was the regular price. Too bad I used all my printables. I will have to use the insert q.

    Thanks Rachel!

  3. Melissa says

    I also think you can still save 5% on baby purchases if you use your meijer credit card. I do not remember the end date but it was listed in the ad that ended today.

  4. Kaitlyn says

    On my home screen it says the 5/50 10/100 and 15/150 is and insta t savings on your purchase, but after I clip and look at it in my coupons it says it’s a oyno…any one else?

  5. Lisa says

    I did the deal today.. 4 packs of cruisers, 4 packs of baby dry, 3 packs of swaddlers and a package of wipes. each pack of diapers were 8.99 and the wipes were 1.99.. I had 1.50 off each pack (2 of which I clipped on Mperks) and .50 off the wipes. I got 5% off for using my Meijer card. I got $10 from Mperks off for spending $100 (btw.. it says per transaction on it.. can I use it again?) I will hopefully get $20 in rewards (I will know in a day or so) if not definitely $10. I got $15 OYNO and a rebate slip for P&G for spending $30… my calculations come to 31.04 with tax and all rebates, rewards and OYNO.. Umm and I don’t technically have a baby. I take care of one 50 hours a week. 😀 Her parents appreciate my couponing.

  6. Andi says

    For the baby rewards, you clip them in increments of $10, but you don’t have to spend in increments of $50 or $100 — it keeps a running tab each time you purchase baby items. Normally, if you would purchase $70 of diapers, you’d earn $70/$100 you need to clip a $10 reward. This week, if you purchase $70 in diapers, you earn $140. You will be able to clip a $10 reward and have $40 towards your next reward. So, no need to try to hit the exact mark…your spendings won’t be wasted.

      • Andi says

        In mperks, the counter for your earned rewards goes from $0 to $100. Once you hit $100, you can clip a $10 reward. On the earn $10 for every $50 weeks like his one, the counter moves twice as fast on the $100 scale. If you spend $70, it counts it as if you’ve spent $140, so you could clip 1 reward and have earned an extra $40/$100 to get you that much closer to your next reward. So anything over that $50 spent is not wasted. If you spend exactly $50, it will count it as $100 and you earn 1 $10 reward. Maybe I’ve just made it more confusing!

  7. Andi says

    Unfortunately, that Target coupon requires a purchase of diapers AND a refill pack of wipes (not the small packs or tubs).

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