A couple fun Goodwill finds

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Stopped by Goodwill on impulse this afternoon and found nice button down shirts and pants for the boys to wear to my brother’s rehearsal dinner in a few weeks — score! Spent a total of $14 + tax on both outfits, so then I figured I could play in the kitchen area — oops 😉 . I kind of found some fun kitchen stuff, like this three piece ceramic canister set for $7.97: The little one was $1.99, and the bigger ones were tagged $2.99 each. Once I wash them out they’ll be nice for things like sugar and coffee.


I also picked up and hung up these three guys — we really need to repaint, but til then I think this helps break up the boring blank space above our coat hooks between the sliding glass door and kitchen in our open floor plan here. Decorating on the cheap, lol.


I also picked up two tall Lock & Lock containers for $1.99 each, which I’m going to use for storing cereal. The boys have a bad habit of opening boxes and then moving on to something else for a while as the contents get over more stale.


And, I found a brand new 1.5″ binder for Junior High Guy. Last year the 1″ ones kept going on sale but it was a lot harder to find sales on the bigger ones, so grabbed this for $.99.

What fun stuff have you found at your Goodwill lately?

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  1. Caroline says

    Vidal sassoon hair color 1.99 a box. A Mistletoe bear from back in the Marshall fields era: .49. (Before y’all go all, eiuw! On me…it’s in perfect shape and I put it in an airtight quarantine for a week or so just in case.

  2. Debbie says

    I LOVE going to our Goodwill!!! I cannot even begin to tell you all the deals I’ve found over the years. I especially like going on Wednesday’s because if you’re 55+ you get 20% off. And I like the color of the week where you get 50% off. I love getting deals on books since books are so expensive at the bookstore, I love looking at clothes (most of my clothes are from there or my favorite consignment shop!), and I love the housewares area. I have also found pictures for my house. I collect Wee Forest Folk (little mice statues) and found one in their glass case for $1 (these usually run anywhere from $30 to $200)! I don’t think they realized what they had! My mom has a doll collection and I have found some nice dolls for her. I haven’t been there lately because I’ve been too busy or gone and when I go there I leave enough time so I can browse! And I really like your blue canisters! That was a good find!

  3. Outlander says

    I was just at Savers today because on Mondays they have 25% off, so, of course, I went today because I thought it was Monday. Cost me extra $8 or so. :)
    Anyway, I did find some clothes for the kids and some silicone bake wear I was looking for.
    I had to laugh though, I saw a mixing bowl from Dollar Tree (exactly the same, I bought some the other day), used, tagged for $2.99. Lol
    I mostly look for kitchen stuff too, and I once found a big Waterford picture frame for 99 cents!

  4. Sabina says

    My sister and I went to three thrift stores yesterdays. We found some great decor for our backyards. I found a small house that my sister is using for her fairy garden. Also found two very unique vases to use in my garden as well-most items were less than $4. My sister also scored some beautiful crystal martini glasses for $4 each.

  5. laura says

    I love thrifting it fun to see what you will find. I just have to comment about savers. . It is a FOR profit, privately owned company. They do make donations to charities… how large of a donation, I don’t know. So I personally try to stick to goodwill and salvation army.

    • Kari O. says

      The Savers in Lake Zurich actually is partnered with a local nonprofit organization. People donate to them, then Savers pays them for the items and sells the items in the stores. I personally think it’s more efficient charity than Goodwill. Have you read how much the CEO of Goodwill makes and how little the employees there make? It’s shocking that they find loopholes to take advantage of. My cousin is austistic and tried getting a job there. It wasn’t worth the gas just to take her there everyday because they were gonna pay her $1.xx an hour to sort hangers. Yes it was a job and yes it gave her something to do, but the wage doesn’t help her make a living and wouldn’t support her family in bringing her there everyday.
      I still shop there, but I don’t discriminate thrift stores based on their charity and so-called charity.

  6. peaches says

    I wish there was a Goodwill near me. Salvation Army is way closer for me, but it seems like their store is really disorganized. There are some other thrift stores I like better such as Wings in Niles on Golf Road, and Shore on Oakton in Skokie. They both have really nice stuff, and their store is much nicer.

  7. seachicago says

    If you’re in the city, visit the Salvation Army at Clybourn & Fullerton. They just built a huge new facility, and it’s really nice! I got a fabulous Lenox polished aluminum pasta bowl/scoop/spoon rest set, seemed brand new. It was $24.99, which is *way* more than I would expect to spend, but I loved it! I also checked online before I bought it, and saw it retailing for about $200.

    I found 2 place settings of new Fiestaware at a different Salvation Army location; it was about $3.50/set (rather than $25-30/set). Love to thrift!!!

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