Chicago Tribune — $.38 a week Sundays Only

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This one is from Lori on Facebook — Head over and pick up a one-year subscription to the Sunday Chicago Tribune for $19.76, which is $.38 a week. You can pick one-time payment or EZPay autorenewal. I have no idea how long this offer is good for; it doesn’t say anywhere on the page!

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  1. Laura says

    I called the Tribune and they said they need an offer code to give me the .38 cent deal (I currently have a subscription with them and I want to change it over).

    Does anyone know the offer code?

  2. Su says

    OK…I’m a little concerned because when I finished signing up, I didn’t get a confirmation receipt or anything. It takes you to a page to access your benefits of the tribune on line, and click that and you get to meet Col. Tribune. I checked my email hoping for a confirmation number, and nothing as of yet. Hmmmmmmm

  3. Jessica says

    This is the rate I have used for months and actually just paid for another year at this rate. The best part is that I get 10 papers delivered at that rate.

  4. K says

    Rachel- when you say you get 10 papers delivered at the above rate does that mean you pay for it 3x for 19.95 or you just tell customer service you want 2 newspaper for that rate Thanks a lot

  5. Theresa says

    How awesome!! This is the same price I got last year – but my renewal doesn’t come up for another 2 months. Can I order this, and just “non-renew” the other when it comes up to the year anniversary? Or does anyone have any better suggestions? Thanks much!! I was looking at the 50 cents a week for Sunday only they advertise in every paper!

  6. Sandy says

    Link appeared to not be working, tried several times on different computers. Called into them, was transferred to customer service, man kept arguing that he never heard of such a price, told him the website and how it was a direct link to their website, and finally after repeating my name and address several times he agreed to give it to me for 19.76 a year…but he wasnt happy. He wanted a code, none that I could find seemed to be valid including the one someone mentioned above here.I have yet to get my bill, but will keep fingers crossed. Received my first papers 8-26-2012! :)

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