Checked out the Villa Park Aldi Grand Reopening

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While I was running around today, I also popped by the ALDI grand reopening in Villa Park, determined to use that $5/$30 coupon from this week’s ad. (Grand opening ads only.) This little guy was parked outside — how cute is he?! — and they were doing sampling throughout the store. First time I’ve ever seen that at an ALDI.


Brussels sprouts, $.89.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Oh man, they rang my Brussels sprouts up twice! Another $.89 :(
Milk, $1.99.
4 packs Portobello mushroom caps, $7.96. (Portobello pizza tonight!)
Fingerling potatoes, $1.99.
Feta crumbles, $1.99.
2 avocados, $1.98.
3 dozen eggs, $2.97.
Cashew butter, $4.99.
Tortilla chips, $1.19.
Salsa chips, $1.69.
Peanut butter crackers, $2.19.
Lemons, $1.69.

Used the $5.00/$30.00 and paid $29.24.

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    • says

      That was kind of my thought. I was hoping for clearance so I could get two free, but alas, no — and there aren’t many left so I don’t think they’re ever going to clearance it, lol.

  1. CHRISTINE says

    i have never seen frozen Brussels sprouts at Aldi before. That is good to know. sorry you were charged twice.

    • says

      Usually they’re really good at ALDI, but the place was a zoo today with the grand reopening and all so maybe they were frazzled…

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