Check your 12/29/13 Chicago Tribune for Menards calendars

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Check your 12/29/13 Chicago Tribune for the annual Menards calendars with six $5/$50 coupons! I did not get these in my Villa Park Dollar Tree papers this morning, but I don’t have Menards anywhere near me any more. :(

  • But Julie comments: “Menards calendars today with the six $5 off $50 coupons!!!!!”

If you are looking to buy extras for the calendars, I’d buy one and check, and then buy more if they’re found in the ones at your store.

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  1. Kristy says

    Or if you are headed to Menards to buy a gift card (for the 11% rebate), pick one (or more) up for a buck there? That’s what we are planning to do, since we are shopping for a new front door and had already decided on buying it at Menards before Christmas.

  2. julie says

    This week is a good week just for the Menards calendar coupons if you plan on doing a number of home repair this year, and/or if you roll Menards MIR deals. I’m getting 4 papers and I’ll easily use 1 or 2 calendars (6-12 coupons) on home improvement items, with the others for rebate deals, and hopefully remember to save 1 or 2 coupons for black Friday.

  3. Scott says

    Sorry… I posted to the wrong place. The Montgomery Menards has the Tribune with the calendar! No limit AND 11% Rebate! I picked up a bunch. I do all of the Menards Free after Rebate items and will easily go through many of these coupons over the course of the year.

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